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wats wrong

I would like to change the fluids in both the transmission and torque

I am not sure what to check for. It sounds like it is coming from the glove box area or the front under the hood.

thanks if any one can help

Only does this in wet weather!Any help would be appreciated!

my main seal of the crankshaft is leaking if i replace my camshaft what else should i replace, so any complications in the future could be avoid.i need some advice if u could give me any i'll apriciate it. Thank U!!!!

when using flasher one side of trailer lights worked but no turn signals and heading to RI

i parked it then it wouldnt start the ignition will turn all the way but wont crank. I already checked the battery

I am trying to install new CV axles and I got the old one off the drivers side. I am now having problems trying to get the new one in. It goes about halfway in and then stops. I have put grease on the end and still no dice. What can I do to get it in easier?

It is a thunderbolt model

wondered if the sentry immobilization system could be the problem.

But I can lower it by hand up & down how can I adjust it? Or how can I make it work??

Tried to get the truck inspected, but got these two errors. First time only the P0455. Second time both P0455 and P0224. Just bought the truck, don't know anything about it.

Replaced gas cap already.

How do I find the problem and how do I fix it.

the window is all the way up. nothing is responding.

I was hearing a loud squealing noise when started. Then it would go away when it was warm. The steering was fine. The mech. said the differential was bad and it housed the rack and pinion which had failed too, and had to be replaced. Total cost would be $1400.00 installed but, he said something about the axle at first. Now he says it is the differential. I'm feeling like I'm being taken advantage of.