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I have removed the two bolt under the rear seat that holds the upper cushion on my 2001 Buick Lasabre Custom. How do I get the rest of the upper rear cushion loose? Are there other bolts holding it in place? I have a rattle in the rear upper cushion I want to fix.
engine light on all the time.
Goes in and out of "safe mode", unpredictable as to when, hot or cold. Does not stay in this mode for long.
The dealer wants $100 to lift the hood. What might be the total cost?
The cost is approximately $600+ is it worth it?
my rear shock getting weak
the engine warning light keeps coming on. I can reset it by disconnecting the battery for a while and the car will run for a few days and then the light comes back on. The car runs perfectly even when the light is on. The error code is P0449 GMC
it's been on for a month
I had to replace my gas tank as the smell of gas was so strong.
What are some of the major problems associated with this cars make model and year>
my dealer wants to replace a bolt thats missing to the tune of over 100.00 there a recall or service bulletin pretaining to this issue?
While driving the truck became sluggish and then died altogether. Was able to diagnose it as the fuel pump. Replaced it and then a whole slew of other issues cropped up. Was choking out and also accelerating on its own. Got the codes read and replaced the throttle position sensor. Also changed plugs. The choking out issue seems resolved but now the heat won't work (which it was previously......only blows cold). I have determined that the truck accelerates (up to 16mph with the rpm around 1700) while the AC is off without ever touching the pedal. Turn the AC on and idles normally. I could actually speed up by turning the AC off. I was able to locate some wires that were damaged by the manifold but there were no breaks and I insulated them. Anybody got a clue???
My car also sounds rough and rides rough when I first drive it. But after awhile i drives ok and sounds fine. This happens when it has been sitting for awhile like overnight and when I get off from work.
This Jaguar is completely original right down to the factory installed Pirelli tires. Vehicle has less than 14,000 original miles and has been properly stored in the Winter months since new. When it cranks, there doesn't appear to be any spark? The vehicle just continues to crank without turning over. The vehicle has never been towed; I would prefer to hire a mechanic to inspect the issues where it is stored. However, a client advised that I should post the problem here as it may be a simple problem to solve. With less than 14,000 miles, perhaps it's a simple solution?
no problem. replacement was suggested by dealer
I've had the allignment done and new tires put on and sometimes it feels like the front end is going to shake off. Then it seems to disappear after 50 mph