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before changing the glow plugs the truck was very hard to start but would stay running. I notice an oil residue on the old glow plugs, is that normal. Truck will not stay running after 3 seconds.

Door was broken off. I have a replacement. Need to know how to get access to mountings

The engine made a loud noise. The mechanic told us to replace the tensioner, timing belt and the engine. Should we?

replaced actuator motor and did relearn procedure and they still will not opperate, getting power at connector they motors seem to move out of range when turned on.

Replaced the motor and did the relearn procedure and they are still not moving when i change the mode setting.

how do i diagnose my tranny proble,it wont engage

We just bought this car last week and it has power windows but no ones works unless the driver does you think the lock switch on the drivers door is faulty? How do you replace that? Also it has a sunroof that wants to open but won't.

the Ac compresser doesn't come on when button is pushed the blower fan works high and low.tempeture works high and low but the blower air only comes through dash vents not on the floor or defrost no matter the posisition you use.

I just replaced the mass air flow sensor which made my car run smooth...except when I give it just a little throttle. It chugs for a few seconds and dies. Also the shift points in the transmission are screwed up. Anyone know if the throttle position sensor could be the culprit?

where does my oil filter go on my dodge ram 1500? Or how do i place a new one in there?

The car is'nt picking up speed like i expected, but have no $ for some performance parts.

this happens while driving at freeway speeds, also while driving 25 ~ 60mph

it is released at rear but how to open storage compartment and release at windshield

My 85 chevy truck won't start when it is cold,(sits for 2 or 3 days) unless I put it on a charger. I have had the carborator worked on and replaced the battery and the fuel pump. It turns over fine but it doesn't fire at all until I charge the battery or kick it off. Once it starts it runs fine,What could cause this unusal behavior?

work. the tempiture works the blower works high and low but the air comes throegh the dash vents only not on floor or defrost vent this is my priblem