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Car has 108000 miles on it

i recently had a radiator hose replaced but i still have fluid leaking if you look on the ground its by the rear of the front tires in the middle of the car i was told there is a pipe in there above the intake that may need replaced how do i tell for sure if this is the problem

When the engine is cold the truck runs rough at highway speeds, but while accelerating runs alright. When the truck warms up it starts running fine. Also, i dont know if problems are related, but when it gets hot it is hard to crank until it cools down. It also has stalled for no apparent reason. But next day it crank right up. I assume after it cooled off. We have replaced fuel pump. The pressure is fine on it. New fuel filter. It has new plugs and wires. Any help would be appreciated.

eversense i put brake switch in transmisson wont release from park

The engine code say`s there is a very small leak

when yo hit the switch it use to open all the way either tilt or completly open. Now it will only move a little and you have to keep hitting the switch to get it open. Its the same on both tilt and the open switch.

this problem became evident after trying to engage cruise control without success

I have put r134 into the vehicle once I turn it off the a/c stop blowing cold air?

I've replaced the valve cover gaskets, cam tensioner gaskets, and half moon gaskets, but still have an oil leak on the driver side. After replaceing these gaskets, the oil leak has stopped on the passenger side, but still continues on the driver's side.
I have not yet replaced the rear cam cap/covers and am afraid to do so. I have read that these need to either be puntured and pryed out with a screwdriver or extracted with a special tool. I fear that I may cause unwanted damage and not be able to get them out if I punture them as others have done. What steps should I take next to eliminte this oil leak?

Seeing the check engine light's on, sent the car a toyota dealer, which changed the ignition coil of cylinder#2. A day after, the light's on again, the dealer changed the spark plug. Then the light's blinking in a few hours. The mechanic of the dealer did the compression test and saw #2 has 155 PSI and each of the rest cylinders has 188 PSI. I was told I need replace the engine since the #2 cyclinder's wall was worn.

What can I do? Thanks!

Like I said when it runs it runs like a brand new car and it seems like every other day it decides to not start it will crank but actually start I can crank it until the battery dies and it does nothing sometime i can get it to start using ether and it runs like a new car as well we have replace the crank shaft censor plugs timing system and now we are checking the fuel pump and it wouldnt start and i called the garage and they come and got it as soon as they got it to the shop it started and is showing no sign of any problem history he said it has been running for a couple of hours with no trouble......any help wopuld be greatly appreciated this car has cost me 2 jobs and i am soon starting a 3rd but if i cant get to the training i can kiss this job goodbye as well

I Have a 1994 lincolin town car and been having problems with it starting, and the air coming out the air bags, when I start it it's fine but it seems like when I turns it off and its not leveled it won't start up even if I keep trying to crank it and then I would have to wait at least 30 minutes for it to start back up, as for the air bags I can hear air coming out on both sides and now my car sits very low but it goes up when it's started what can I do?

I had test done they said the ac working again after they put in and recharge it but low again they said could noy find leaks they said but my friend said that could be the orings not the compressor

What is the cost to replace the tie rod ends and rack and pinion at the same setting?

a soft plug behind the water pump or is the water pump leaking