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water in floor board drivers side
doors lock all the time by itself, never unlock just lock....
It only occurs when the A/C is on.
rpm hits 3000, it starts to sputter. Ican get to 75 mph. I checked all the connectors under the engine and seem to be ok. I've been advised to check vacuum lnes? any help? Car ran fine beforehand
won't start, it has taken longer and longer to catch when starting... but turns over just fine... last week It did't start so I checked wires and connections.... un plugged ignition coil and plugged it back in... then it started. it lasted about a week then the same no starting problem again... I did the same thing un plugged coil and plugged it back in, and wire going from coil to distributor, and clean battery cables... then it started after a few tries... then as I was driving about 5 minutes, it lost power so I pulled over and let it sit over night. Next morning, It started , then after 5 minutes or so, lost power going up a small hill.

I had it towed, but now I must decide to take it to toyota to diagnose, or to trouble shoot, myself, and start replacing parts, like the coil, on my own one by one. I don't have a lot of tools nor experience,except call support from dad, and a truck manuel and volt meter.
The problem is intermittent and seems to happen at all different times, it almost sounds like a tiny squeaking or buzzing that happens for just a split second then it is gone. I can not force it to do it though sometimes when I turn the wheel or when I am braking also so I think it is just random anyway do you have any ideas?
My mechanic thinks it may have had a new / other motor put in it now it needs to have the motor numbers checked and match the starter to it as opposed to the "van" motor. It has 310,000 miles and runs very strong so maybe he is right! Sometimes it starts fine, but sometimes it screeches and it take a few tries. I have barely been using it since it started this again. Someone told me it might be the small wire coming off of the starter is corroded and needs to be recrimped or replaced.
We replaced the crank shaft sensor and it still will not start. The check engine light was on for about 2 weeks before it broke down. We also rented a computer and it is showing no codes found. Could it be as simple as a fuel filter? We have no clue what is wrong with it.
it has !60,000. miles on it.
I believe this maybe a campaign issue software problem. Car wont pass smog 2 codes will not clear. Any solutions?Have done every possible smog suggestion under the moon. 60 days still wont clear.
It has only 59,454 miles on it and they are telling me that I need a new one replaced. IT started leaking and some times it is hard to turn ( like the power been cut ) It is not all the time yet. I brought this one used about quite a yr ago. the price I have been quote for the rack is 600.00 then oil is 6.00 and Labor is 270 plus tax boils to 917.00. would this be something that I need to contact Kia about if so how do I contact them? How long does it normally take for these things to go out.
Changed oil at 33,000 and 3 qt low. Vehicle not smoking or oil on driveway?
clear liquid is drippin on to the engine causeing it to smoke nothing is over heating and the car stills run just that leak is causing it to smoke whats the drip and what do i do to stop it drip only coming from hose ?
lights would come on it was completely dead. So I messed with it a little and I turned it over and the lights came on and I got it started went to my Mom's house and when I went to leave the car started just fine lights went on and everything I got it home. Can I get it fixed or do I have to wait until it acts up again?