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replaced switch and replaced flasher but the turn signal still docent work all the time works intermittently

truck has lived at sea level all it's life, now I live at 5,000 ft. and seems to get lower mpg. dealer says no adjustment needed. Who's right?

The A/C works fine on the passenger side but the driver side comes out warm.

Local parts stores say it is only repaceable at the dealer ?

what is the name of the piece in the rear end of the car that looks like a tie rod end?

It clears up after several minutes I dont know what could be causing this. Car is always garaged when not being driven.

The ground wire seems to be permanent in the solenoid, runs around the bottom of the engine to the right side to a ground block/?

With AC on and accelerating conservatively, begin to hear howling at approx 1,500 rpm. Turn off AC with blower speed unchanged, the the noise stops after 2-4 seconds. When it is howling and I have distance to coast to a stop, the pitch of the howling changes as the auto tranny changes gear. No performance probs with AC or otherwise. At 110,000 miles, have new alternator, water pump, belts, mechanical tensioners, belt idler pulley, but noise persists. How to test the compressor clutch? Have seen this reported on other blogs, but no definite fixes given, only possibilities.

my radio is not turning on. power supply is OK. the display is not working also

I checked the fuse to the brake lights and it is fine. Im thinking it may be the brake light switch on the brake pedal but i have no idea if the strip at the top is connected to that too.

usually cuts off or want go over 30 miles an hour. If you stop and cut off the engine, wait 5 minutes it will run fine, until next time.. what are some of the things this could be?

it mean by that happening

Toyota dealership told me it would cost $756.00.

then got a code to change the o2 sensor. still misses @ idle... pulled a code for maf sensor, changed that. still misses.. now a multi plug misfire... What other possible things can I change????took it to the dealer, After 100.00 bill for diag. they say it needs serp. belt cracked, valve covers seeping, and motor mounts broke... WHAT the hell does that have to do with the misfire at idle.... it runs great @ operating speeds. HELP....

I don't want to be ripped off as I am a 62 year old single female and live on a fixed income....