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I have been told that you pull a plug in the front of the transmission and pour fluid in the top until it comes out, I ended up pouring a whole liter into it and still nothing came out. i am afraid to overfill it and cause something to fry. I do not see why Chevy couldn't just do like every one else and put a dip stick on the tranny

My Honda dealer said the drain plug seal is leaking and it cannot be repaired owing to the way the case is designed. Says I have to replace the entire rear differential. Does Honda's product design require replacement over repair? If it needs to be replaced: rebuilt, OEM, or Honda brand parts?

Honda Pilot 4 Wheel Drive


as I am seen a lot of people have this problem with stuttering only after fueling. can you help

Is it ECM related, Or do I just replace it? What do I do to replace it? Thanks, Ken.

would it be fuses? or something else?

water pump replacement

water pump replacement

i started car, it had a loud knock sound. then would not start. after a few time it started. but smoked very bad, white smoke. the oil and every thing looks good on it. ???

on the car. Prior to this happening, the top would not close totally on it's own. I had to push it down about 2 inches and then it would completely close. Possible problem and what may need to be replaced?

installed water pump/timing belt kit, its leaking from the back-up plate.broke 2out of the 6 bolts, used a gasket sealant for water pump to back-up plate. how long will this hold? should i order a new back-up plate?

how do i adjust the tps (throttle position sensor) on my 92 lexus es300 ?

How do I replace it.?

Replaced fuel pump, battery, ecm, relay. Can hear pump turning over.

Windshield wipers don't work and radio what should I do