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My check engine light is still on. Also the check coolant light is on. They were on before my engine was replaced.My car runs hot if I turn a/c on. Do you think resetting the engine will help?
what does chevy recommend
It sounds like it's coming from the rear-end, it mainly happens when the wheel is being turned all the way.
The mirror was broken off, the mechanics still work, but the plastic below and around where the mirror was is broken.
im having to put 2 quarts in every mouth and i cant find where its leaking from but i had a trans flush done and when the car was up in the air, oil was coming from the back top of the engine.theres no oil on ground where i park the car,i dont think its burning oil cause theres no smoke coming out of the what do i do
It's a grinding noise when I reverse at the bottom of an incline.
Car started smoking was told that it was most likely from oil overfill so I took it in had oil changed and placed to proper levels on the way home less than a mile it stalled and woul not start or turnover
tuck overheated real bad on interstate . started makeing radleing noise and stopped running
it just moves slower when going up a hill and when i get ready to take off!. It also started today not wanting to go up a hill!!! what do i need to do or what could it possibly be???
the faster i drive the louder it gets, someone told me it might be the tires
my brakes appear "soft" it takes longer to stop.
my shop did a obg test no engine light but still has low speed miss they say not to worry. should i new plugs/wires coils are good and injectors functioning as such they say
i am changing it out completely and i called a couple different shops and two of them told me 6 quarts and another two told me 12 which one is it? my car is a 1999 toyota corolla automatic LE.
2 days ago i left my car at work cause of massive oil leak,,yesterday i repaired a hose about 4"
long ( right elbow rubber)near radiator on right side it sprung a leak..

today a leak came back need to take to mechanic again,.. Is this a common problem ??
Is it something difficult to get at?