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after 7 days in shop they claim 2rear plugs and coils are bad only $632 to replace them

i put new termostat and redeter but the gadge shoes over heating what is the problem.

no air leak without trailer.

I'm going to be changing the B1S2 sensor in my car, and I already have the part and know exactly where it is - what I don't know is if I have to have a specific torque or anything? Can't find much info on changing it anywhere online, went through alldata and had nothing specified so. Not sure where to go from here, but would like to know before I change it so I don't ruin it..


I need to replace my leaking heater core, but the labor cost
may be more then what the 1991 Olsmobile 98 is worth. Can the repair shop disable the worn out parts or lines without
having to remove the core, which may mean removing the dash-board? Would this disrupt the coolant flow for the engine?

Thank you. This is a great site. I found it on google while
researching the problem.

checked timing marks, lined up trailing crank tooth to pump housing and cam gear marks align. no spark on 2 and 3 cylinders, checked pcm operation with led light, no pcm actuation on 2, 3 wire, but 1 4 wire pulses fine. tried used pcm, same effect. asd relay active, good fuel pressure, good spark on 1 and 4, no codes.

I need to remove the passenger seat so I can get to the engine ecm. Is there a fairly easy way to do this?

We purchased the car new and about a year or so after that the dealer said something was wrong with the trans. and it took nearly 2 weeks to have the parts shipped and replaced.Is that common? It just seems like the brakes or ? are on.

99 Ford Windstar.Trans has 40 thousand miles on it. Recently the overdrive light blinks when i start it. The check engine light is on and no code has popped up to signal the problem.
Well now it want go into part,the gear shift is lose. I have to start it in neutral,and connot park on a hill and i have to use my emergency break to make sure it doesnt move.

I just need some info on what the problem is or could be,cause everyone i talk to where i live says well...its a ford for ya..I dont have time to hear thta,i need to get this problem fixed so i can pass my inspection,thanks for your time.

i was driving and the vehicle lost power and wouldnt accelerate then the power steering went out i pulled over and turned it off now it wont even start

check engine light is on due to o2 sensors

Have to turn the ignition two or more times before the engines starts. have replaced the starter, did not change things.

Changed spark plugs 2wks ago and replaced valve cover gasket & 1 coil on #6.

Jumped out the brake switch still no lights. Parking and head lights are OK.