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The grid cluster and all the internal and external electrical parts work but the car will not turn over, it’s dead. I have checked the battery and the starter, and both are working properly. What else could be the issue? I would greatly appreciate any help possible. Thanks for your time.
I need to put a crankshaft sensor in my 2004 VW Beetle 2.0 and I can't find where it goes. I have the part but need to know where to put it. Do you have a diagram of where it is or can you tell me where it is and how to get to it. Thanks Bill
Lights flash, but don't stay on and the seats don't heat up.
my harzard came on by themselves after slaming on the breaks and i cant figure out how to get them ton turn off
we have bleed the system we took the t-stat out and its still overheats the fans are working i took the radiator drain plug out and it looks clean im stuck any help please
tap motor housing will start working at very low speed.
gauge bounces from empty to full
When I shift gears it is difficult to do so sometimes and there is a loud noise when I shift from park to reverse and I don't know why. It only happens maybe 1 out of 50 times or so. But when it does it is strange it is hard to shift into reverse when it does that. It seems like it is stuck in Park. And I cannot get it out unless I put a lot of pressure on the gear shift and then that is when I hear the loud clunking sound when it shifts from park to reverse. Does anyone have any idea why.
I;ve repaired it once prior, can I( just take it out of the system?

My problem was a empty resevoir of Power Steering fluid

I have replaced the water pump and the thermostat, and it is still over heating. I am leaking Radiator Fulid, but I cannot find the leak, or where it is coming from. Are there any other places that the leak could be coming from instead of the water pump, the thermostat or the Radiator. Is ther a hose that I am not aware of. Please let me know. I fill up the radiator and the reserve tank every day because it is gone by the next morning even if haven't driven it. Also if I drive even 5 miles with the airconditioning off. When I turn off the car I smell Radiator Fulid buring, and when it over heats Steam comes out from an area where the spark plugs are. I am at a complete loss where the problem is. Somone Please Help Me!
After I replaced the water cooled alternator, I added coolant but the car still got overheated within a few minutes of idling.
checked fuses all ok
Looking at buying a used TSX and person was honest the car didn't start like 5 times but in the last year seems to be fine.
The problem happens after driving at higway speeds for apbout a hour then the transmission will downshift onto lower gears and will not go back into 4th