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its a 2001 Dodge 2500 cumming 24 valve turbo diesel 4X4,3/4 ton
we have removed instrument panel and still cannot locate where it is supposed to go.
the emergency brake also, isn't working....
hello there... my retired neighbors reverse lights arent working, trying to help him out. Dont think it's the bulbs & i'm pretty sure a fuse wouldnt control just the reverse lights. Advance auto(ugh)said it was a reverse module in the console(automatic on the floor)but i was thinking more a back up light switch....any ideas...?
3.4L thick rusty deposits on transmission. leaking from coolant bypass hoses. just started in past 30 days. my cooling system has antifreeze & water mixture & is not losing small amount of mix daily. am seeing a water/oil mixture behind water pump by intake manifold, but is not enough to see it dripping ever....replaced water pump 30 days ago because of water pump failure. help please????
car will start at times - then others will crank over but not start. wait a whike 1 hour or so and will uselly start.sometimes will go days and start everytime.have replaced main relay and fuel pump still does it --help anyone
Intake Manifold Runner Control is stuck open anyone have a clue how much this will cost to be fixed? And will it damage my car driving it 2 days with this code.
i drive toyta camary 1995, when i drive car with in few minutes tempature gage show high and coolin fan don't turn on and ihave to stop the car because of radiroe fan do n,t turn on
The AC quit at the same time.
it goes off. I have been told there is no leak found in the tire. How do I know if it is the tire sensor or not?
when removing the old rear brake pads they were very hard to remove and there were clips attached to the top and bottom of the old pads. when installing the new pads with the clips attached the pads would'nt fit,there fore I left them out,so the pads would release after braking. It seems to me that if the clips were attached,and if I could install the pads they would be so tight that they wouldn't release after braking. thank you for any help
Diagnostic showed a bad coolant sensor... car will start up fine cold, but after driving and turning car off a couple times, it will not start. After letting it sit for 15-20 minutes, it will start again.
wiring smoked after putting + cable on after charging battery----all fuses checked out good by me------shop spent 1.5 hours to find and replace a fusible link(which i had mentioned, when t brought it in) ? ? ? bob
My car has about 145,000 miles on igt.
The code givin is pO442 SAY'S EVAORATIVE EMISSION SYSEM SMALL LEAK. What does this mean?
Also When it is hot outside and running the air condition it the heat gauge will go up to hot. Then we turn off the the air and gauge will go down. What can this mean?
Thank you