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no codes came up when scanned

I was quoted $661.00 by a local service center I use.

What could be causing the motor to do this/

Shifter feels like and appears to go into first and second but are actually in third or fourth.

is the output bearing hard to replace?

ECU is not throwing any codes. Car runs great, new plugs and wires, air cleaner, original Catalic converter, 209k miles
never had a problem b-4

compressor for air bags runs and stops every 3 minutes

Well, i recently replaced my valve cover gasket in the vehicle and when the shop put the cover back on they didn't put on the wires correctly which is what i think caused the code to be thrown and stored in the history. Im going to clear the code and see if it happenes again because after they plugged in the wires correctly the vehicle ran fine. Felt like it did before they messed with it. So, my question stands if it is a misfire in cylinder four can that cause major engine damage over time?

2002 bmw 330ci. vehicle bucks and jerks

cant get key out of ignition. I bought a new fuel pump because fuel was feeding to engine. Have not installed it yet, because car broke down. Car was stalling.

I started my H2 and it started fine, no hesitation at all. As I began driving up my street, it felt sluggish and then died. After it died, I tried turning the key over, I can hear the click, but it doesnt want to engage the starter. I have no indication what gear I am in - so I am wondering if it could be the Transmission Range sensor and if so, how do I replace it? Where is it located? What is the procedure?



clutch engages upat the top of pedal

Codes: P0744; P01754; P01757; P01759: P01764

My air conditioner blows warm air when you first turn it on. If you move the thermostat up and down (from cold to hot) rapidly several times it will start blowing cold air like it is supposed to. At first it would do this every once in a while now it is doing it all the time. Once it come on it stays on, but if you stop engine for a while to run in to a store or something you need to do it again to get it to blow cool.

The latch on the bottom of the rear door (trunk) is missing on the vehicle I just was given and I need to replace it so the door will stay closed. How difficult is it and how do I go about doing that? What is the part called?