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Dual light bulb for both High and low beams. Bulb is very much intact
I don't know at this point what it could possibly be for my low beams not to work.

the screen comes up disc not supported

I have a 2007 Mercedes E50 with 80k miles the dash say I need service D

the air bag light is on in my 2007 lexus es 350 and the horn won't work.

It just started this afternoon. Is this an indicator to check something else?

Turn truck on when turn key to cut off truck still runs

The car will not chirp when I hit the remote twice to lock to car. I have checked all the fuses.

Mechanic were working on changing out the AC line and everything stopped working. This happened yesterday after completing an AC job. Car was taken to a sister shop. On the way over car stopped.

does it need freon or is there something big time wrong.

Low beam light blown need to replace can't find it

Need to replace low beam bulb. Can not find it

belt is tight and in good condition, battery checks out as good, alternator is showing as ok

The drivers side window doesn't work, but the others do. Everything else seems to be fine. This happened while the car had been driven for about 10 minutes, and parked for about 15mins. The light did come on one day about a week before. But had not been on consistently, And I didn't notice any message prior. Thank you for any help/advice that you can offer.

The battery went dead and it activated now can't start car

Car needs new cool fan motor assembly, new air injection pump and a new transmission. They tried servicing the transmission but it slips between 3 and 4th gear.