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told both o2 sensors left side bad, replace both no difference also wont idle down when stopping now after changing sensors

Does the entire rack and pinion steering system need to be replaced because of a leaking rack boot? Car failed state inspection by dealer because of a leaking boot and wants $1000+ to replace the rack and pinion, states that boot cannot be replaced. I need to know within 15 days.

after i drive my car about 10 min.or so. only when turn it makes the noise.sounds up around the collar of the steering wheel.

now today on my way home, there is a 200' path of fluid and when I start the car, there is a rough, loud noise coming near the drive belt area. any ideas? thanks!

The leak is coming from what seems to be a small rubber hose about 3 inches long. What is the cause of this leak?

Is there a website I can go to to read step-by-step to find out this information? It is a DIY for a small time mechanic?

once the car it parked and i get back in it it regulates again

I see that it takes your average Joe a bit to get to the back vale cover gasket. i was wondering if there was a price range to look for when taking it to a shop. Any ideas?

It is an automatic transmission and the problem seems to resolve if the car can manage to make it above 35 MPH.

It takes me so long to fill my gas tank it keeps stopping like there is something in the tube, plus there is alot of pressure released when taking the gas cap off.

My mechanic road with us on a camping trip from Phonix up to Flagstaff, with lots of mountain steep grades. He felt the engine roar was a defective fan clutch. It happens when the truck is upshifting, it seems like it is not shifting. He put in a new fan (not a dealer fan) and it has been a year, and it has done the same thing the whole time. He thinks the new fan is deffective and that we should buy a toyota fan. Other folks think it is a switch in the tranny. It seems to have less power when roaring. Initially this seemed to be less of an issue at higher altitudes or perhaps it was the cooler air...... I'd also like some advice on upgrading the front brakes, they are undersized and I'm going to be towing a trailer. The truck has 155,000 miles.

Just started. do I have to replace the timing belt also?

What is the fix, time and parts cost?

Like where is the drain plug, how much fluid, ect...

i have a manual trany and it squeels when i step on the clutch can this be adjusted and is it troughout bearings ?