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The last time I had my oil changed I ask for them to check the transmisson fluid. I was told that the dipstick to the transmission was missing. My oil is due to be changed again,should I take it back to tire plus. I am a single women and everyone has opions, Like there is no dipstick the the Tranny, and the car should take 8 qts of oil, they only put 5qts. in. It is low on oil and I was told i could only put synsethized oil even if it was 1 qts PLEASE someone give me the right answer. Thank you in advance for your time to answer my questions.

its under the dash

and some missing. The dealership says the parts are not available. Who can install a new horn?

I have had multiple problems with the transmission cooler- from leaking where it connects to the block, transmission cooler itself leaking, now the transmission must be replaced in the truck.

It has stopped blowing cold air, had the freon replaced and that didn't help.

What is the repair time for a heater core?

It will however turn off and on. But when I turn it on, the only option is on high.

turn alarm off to leave,started car starter not turning

I need to know the toe in
Camber and caster degrees

The car will often fail to start. Engine cranks but doesn't even try to catch. Dealership garage no help. Has anyone had this problem and if so what was the solution?

just changed spark plugs, tune up...

just failed at 15mph with asm emissions test results NO(PPM)- MEAS 618. Needs to be lower than 504.

What can I do solve this. Need to pass test.

a rattle in engine like maybe a rod for 2 weeks tonight car stop running with tight strenuos squeal let cool off for 2 hours and was able to start it up and go home was at gas station not far but when it first happened would not let me restart it but after 2 hours was able to and rattle still there more and also muffleing would stop a short 3 to 5 sec and come back what could this be

smell. The car is not overheating. Any help?