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driving along car dieds went to restart starter spins but bendix doesn't ingage the flywheel, is this a starter motor problem or ignition trouble? Please help!!

i checked the ohms at all the wheel sensors all good, checked them at the master cylinder thru the plug same reading all good sometimes you feel a kickback from the brake pedal also. Is the modulating valve failing?

Smoke from exhaust pipe can be quite large, have to step away from vehicle. It happens at random times, not just at start up, but even after been driving for hours or while sitting at stop signs. I've spent hundreds $$. Can't seem to find problem. Where to take in Santa Barbara area? Thanks for suggestions.

it ran great for 5 minutes after replacing rear oxygen sensor.
then started running rough. gas mileage is awful. 5 miles to the gallon. missing terrible. crusing it jerks.

Checked both fuses under seat, 'Audio & Amp', both are good. This problem also seams to effect the rest of the audio systems in the car. The seat-belt warning tone breaks-up and is not a constant tone, as well as the turn signal warning tone. The tone break-up appears to be in sinc with the flashing of the radio clock flicker.

i was driving when stop the mecanic toll me that was problem with the electric beccause need to change the motor starter, alternator, and a new battery but still dont start is just make in a short noise when try to start can you guys helpme because i dont know what to do

Engine squeels slightly when the car is in neutral and high pitched squeel disappears with the use of belt dressing. If the car is in gear, noise returns and increases with increased RPM. The car has 185K miles on it. Timing belt was replaced at 125K. When noise first appeared AC was NOT on-rarely use AC.

If I suspect that there is sugar in my fuel tank what would be the procedure to remove or repair the problem

What do I do when there is sugar in my gas tank?

When I tried to start it or even jump it, the it will light up the panel but will not crank. the display shows to service security system.

This was at my 100,000 mile service. Mechanic said that it would cost about $700. Have not had any symptoms except occasional hesitation when accelerating. Should I get a second opinion/use a different mechanic? This seems really high

Why does my car not start after a short trip. Not the battery, starter or alternator. Works fine all winter long. Come summer, after the cold start in the morning, it won't start again..sometimes for hours. Please help!!!!

Replacement part BWD esc104.
generates error 43 when it fails.
manages the spark advance.
Mine is jumping all over the place and set error code 43 and then turns on the service engine light. replaced cap/rotor/plugs and wires. reset errors. ran ok for one trip yet spark advance ran form 12dg to 37dg.

Do not know everything seems to run fine. Motor revs when turning at a stop and when first putting into reverse. Do you have any ideas where to start. Is it a vacuum leak?

what are the easier and safer ways to remove and replace knock sensor in a 2001 Mazda Millenia 2.5l? Bad sensor diagnosed at emission and car shakes after start. please help with procedures which will not take everything apart. thks.