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My radio won't turn off. Which fuse do I pull for a Mitsubishi raider 2008?

Had a/c refrigerant recharged and a/c relay replaced three weeks ago when the a/c only blew cool air after about 10 minutes of driving.

Now a/c blows air, it's cold, when the car is first turned on then it stops. When I crank it up to high, i hear, i think, the compressor and blower motor rev-up and then it blows cold air.

and if it is cold, I can hang it up, it will not c rank until about 12pm Please help. I have lost my job for this and have had to borrow ways to get my children to school

on long trips over 40 miles.

The EGR value has been replaced. The engine code was clear out, but a couple of days later, my engine light came back on with the same code. What do I need to do to correct this problem so that my engine light will not come back on with this code? Do I need to replace my EGR value again or is there somethin else I need to look at to correct this problem? Please help!

The bolts that hold my power steering pump apparently loosened over time and broke, and the power steering pump came off, which caused the serpentine belt to also come off. Nothing was broken except for the bolts so those were the only new part needed. I was charged about $420 just for labor, $490 altogether with the new bolts. Am I being ripped off?

the compressor is not working

the compressor is not working

I was told that both needed to be replaced at the same time due to lengthy labor times. I took the car into AAMCO last month because the coolant light was coming on at least once a week. they checked the car. said water pump needed to be replaced nearly 700 dollar charge.. Im outraged.. Is this accurate?

manual transmission on my lx has a bent end on the shift cable on the linkage to the tranny.trying to remove it for repair or replacement i am having trouble with the plastic twist lock thing holding the left cable to the sift lever/cable bracket inside the cab. i try to twist it counterclockwise and slide it through the opening on the side, but it wont budge. its removed from the lever. any tips so i dont break the finger tabs trying?

yes-my ac went out last summer...have had it looked at; It is not the compressor; not the freon. Several mechanics have said it looks like an electrical problem...Thinking abt. trading this car in anyway; dont want to put a lot of $ into it. If it is electrical, do you have just a "guessimate" on what kind of $$ it is going to cost?? thanks!!

I'll replace the driver's side, then a couple months later, the passenger side, then 6 months later, the driver's side again. It's never ending. I've had the car for 12 years and it seems lately the problem is getting worse. I only drive this car about 3000 miles per year, so it can't be over-use. I've used different brands of lights. No difference. Has anyone else had this problem or know why it's happening? Thank you.

I cant get it out of park unless i rock the truck back and forth while pulling the steering wheel. Also, up on ramps- we put it in gear and when we gave it gas, it made a rattling nose coming from the shaft I guess. It sometimes makes a noise in that area (where the transmission meets the shaft) like a gear slipped and grinded but the truck doesnt stop moving out of gear.

Took it to mechanic, he opened it and replaced the lifters only to find out that it wasn't the lifters so he didn't charge me for failing to fix the problem. Truck doesn't burn or leak oil or gas. i caught my daughter running it w/out oil once so i know that's what caused the problem.

Sometimes-not always- my truck wont stay on unless I keep the gas running and accelerated with the break on for the truck not to turn off. A couple of blocks later, It will run fine on its own without me needing to keep both throttle and break going. Does it need a new fuel pump maybe?? IDK