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Recently put new set of tires on. Now I'm hearing a roaring sound coming from the rear, sounds like I have mudgrip tires. At first I thought the tires were the problem, but had them checked and discovered the noise was coming somewhere in the rear and not the tires.

ssing under the hood !!!


Went to shift into 3rd and it wouldn't made a grinding sound and feeling in the clutch pedal and the shifter. Made it home 4 blocks and it was a little smelly and when it cooled I could put it into gear again once it was hot couldn't put it into gear... So I replaced my slave and master cylinders and it seemed to run fine then so I proceiddmtimtake my buddy home that helped me fix it and then after it ran for 15 minutes and driving 12 blocks the same thing happened again! Wtf? So now it's stuck some one help me please! :)

I have no low speed,mid speeds only high speed on the blower.
The resistor I removed and it had rusty connections on the electrical exterior,but the resistors weren't burned.
The cut out relay is located just above the resistor but I am a layman,not a mechanic.How can this be resolved without buying both pieces,can these 2 items be tested somehow?Or is there something else that might make the blower not work except on high only?

My 1998 aurora overheated a couple of days ago. The oil is not milky on the dip stick. Took the car around the block twice after letting it warm up...temp gauge at beginning was at 200 degrees when I took off. After two laps around the block the temp gauge rose close to 220. Pulled into my lot and placed cardboard under engine area. Open hood and noticed at that time that antifreeze was steaming from the threads of the cap that covers the resevoir to the antifreeze. Did taste the oil on the cardboard and there was not bitterness to it.

I am no machanic but would appreciate some sound advice as to what it going on and/or suggestions as to what may be causing this.

Thank you,

the air conditioning does not get cold, just slightly cool, what can I do to fix this problem

Trying to troubleshoot starting issues. I have a new battery, and alternator and starter checks out to be in good working orer.. Was trying to check the next possible options such as Starter relay or Ignition Switch...

Any help would be greatly appreciated...
Thanks In Advance

i cant operate the climate control from the nav says please restart engine to operate climate control>its works manually but when i want to operate it from the nav screen it brings that message.all other things work on the nav screen but its just the climate control thats not operating.pls help

My driver side power seat would not move on the left rail. Right rail would try to move but left rail would not move at all.

I unbolted the seat, and took apart the "gearbox" which drives the seat on the rail. Inside, was a plastic gear which was attached to the metal threaded rod which moves the seat on it's track. The plastic piece was worn out, so the motor would not engage the threaded rod.

This plastic piece was attached to the metal rod. I could not find a way to remove this gear cleanly without breaking it.

My actual question is how do I remove this plastic gear?

I can go to a junk yard and find the gear I need, but how do I get it off the metal rod without breaking it? Or do I somehow need to remove the entire metal rod? If so, how do I do it?

Need to change the crank position sensor on my 2001 Mazda Millenia 2.5.Is the crank sensor in the distributor cap or somewhere else? Please point the exact location of the sensor on 2.5l Mazda Millenia. Thanks.

Cruise doesn't work. Cable to throttle looked good. I checked the switch and it seems OK. The On and Set lights come on in the dashboard when I press those buttons. I assume this means the computer module is also OK, which would leave the servo assembly part: 189107B000. I've pulled this part off but can't tell if it is good or not. Can I test it somehow?

Okay, so i've had my car for about two years now, I have 180,000 miles on it. Recently when i've been driving it, it will not go into fourth gear at all. It sucks because I have to drive like 45 mph! When I also start out from park it seems like it kind of slips and doesn't move as quick as it should for how hard I hit the gas pedal. I want to find out if its an easy fix or a major problem? If anyone knows, i'd like to know what I can do to possibly fix the issue?

The tint which was placed on the back window to reduce the sun's rays is now peeling and looks awful. i would like to take it off but don't know what to do.

car is running rough acts like not getting enough gas engine light on check charging system light came on codes says coil misfire is it spark plugs never been changed has 129,000 miles