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When i start to accelerate at a stop sign/light, "Bessie" sometimes just hesitates and I'm sitting there trying to get moving. People behind me Beep their horn or yell. After a few pumps of my foot, "Bessie", will eventually get going. Then, during acceleration, she has trouble getting going. hesitation again. Whats the problem?

It just happened when I started up the car this morning. It runs but it spews white smoke. Allot when I start it up. It occurs all the time.

just appeared this morning. don't notice anything different when driving. not bouncy. how much does that cost and can car be used while waiting for appointment

I did find my oil level high so I expect I have an internal coolant leak.
does this mean a bad head gasket?

250k runs fine but when i start it sometimes none os the elect. Stuff work (wipers, lights ,windos,blower fan) and if i turn it off some time it wont start up or even turnover at all. But if i wait a few min. It will start up like theres nothing wrong at all. Could this be a brain pob. And if so how much mite that cost.

First time doing recharge on vehicle.

It is a key only no remote

On a few occasions it has become difficult to engage 5th gear. The problem is not consistant, happens at different times of day and engine temp's. Speed at change does not have a effect. Have to hold gear lever and release clutch to engage.

The leather trim on the door panels, keeps coming loose. It is just kind of pressed on or something, I keep having to repress it under the seam. I don't know why it keeps coming loose.

As above - however if anyone has a manual to email me that would be brill!

After putting freon in ac unit, van cut off. it won't start sounds like its out of gas. it's not.

I have a 99 VW Beetle and the check engine light is on. Advance auto put it on the machine and has advised that code 0422 came up. Can someone tell me what is wrong? I looked that up and it appears that it may be the catalytic converter? I hope not but can someone confirm or deny my findings? Also, is it safe to drive and for how long can I drive it like this? Will it cause additional damage on the car?


Everything passed on the car except for this vapor leak, where should I look to repair the problem? No one seems to know where the leak is.

It occurs ever time I back out of the garage.
I have less than 4,000 miles
The groaning or moaning sound goes away when shifting into

1995 2.2 lter engine looking to verify that my engine has or not a knock sensor