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my check engine light is on because of throttle sensor
is there an easy way of removing the rear heater matrix or is it an inside job from the boot I HAD TO PUT IN OPTIMA MODEL AS IT DOES NOT LIST SEDONA
on the freeway cruising 62mph, the car runs fine, however when I slow down the all hell breaks loose and the car overheats. In the the city, the car overheats after 30 minutes driving.
For no reason when driving the fuel gauge will just start moving from side to side for no reason. Why does it do this and how can it be fixed.
car drove fine when parked when returned to car and put in reverse the car rolled two ft then stopped suddenly i then placed it into drive it rolled two ft and stopped gave more gas peddle and it freed only to make loud clicking sound that can also be felt thru out the car
Engine starts fine but sputters and quits after 5 - 10 minutes running time. After resting a couple minutes it starts up again fine but quits again. The car sat in storage for 6 months and has 31000 miles on it. Fuel stabilizer was added before storage.
Also repair heater blower and driver door window is either off track or mechanism is broken
My car will not start, spins over just fine, just won't crank. When it happened, the car started like normal, the rpms went up to 1000 for like 1/2 a second when it started, when the rpms dropped back down, it went dead. It's getting fuel, it's firing, replaced the fuel pump, spark plugs, cleaned and charged the battery, checked the vacuum canister for cracks(already had to replace it once), checked for gaps in the breather, checked injectors with a noid light, checked all fuses and relays, checked all the sensors and everything is good. Puzzled on it. Thinking it may have jumped time, any ideas? Thanks
I had a friend notice that both of my tail lights are out on my 2008 Scion xB. I went to the store and replaced both tail bulbs immediately. Then I realized that the blinker, hazards, and "blinking" when I lock/unlock with the remote are all the same lamps, and they function. So the bulbs are fine, but they just don't come on as tail lights.
Car threw all 3 codes at the same time. Don't have a clue what it could be . I had just left dealer getting oil leak fixed. Car only has 46,000 on it. Is it going to break me to find problem?
will also need trouble code descriptions if there is a diag. procedure
help please
Or should it just be cleaned every 30000 miles
I can't put more then 1 gallon of gas at a time I think it might be the fuel tank but I'm not sure does anyone know what this might be?
The truck revs up but it wont accelerate. No gears work. This is a 2002 ford explorer v6 4.0L 4-wheel drive