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so we broke it down again and did rod bearings. started and runs perfect except when you accel the is a loud tapping sound that appaers to be comming from the balance shaft aera of the steal oil P0011 and P0304

It is freaking me out. I know about hesitation problem when accelerating but this is when just driving at the same speed whether going 30 or 60 miles an hour. I have had transmission checked, it is not that. I have had several things replaced, gas cap, O2sensor. Does anyone else have this problem? Or know what the heck it is? I am getting stressed out over this. I am about ready to call it quits on this car.

locate canister filter

fluid is leaking from somewhere behind the rear driver side tire

how hard is it to fix i have some knowledge

My CVT transmission is shot, but could I just fix the transaxle instead of buying a new one??

i need instructions to replace the hub bearing assembly

before the check eng light came up, i was driving and it felt like engine stopped and then turned back on, it was almost like some one hit me in the back, but no one did, and now it makes some kind of noise that was never there before. very concern.

i have two oil leaks, coolant leak, and the car runs like a champ when its cold out but as soon as it gets hot outside runs sluggish and acts warm,,just doesnt overheat and the 4ws turns off i miss my 4ws and really want it to work...

I need to replace the right hand drain tube on my sunroof but can't find where it comes out at. I have traced it all the way down to just above do I get to the piece that drains out near wheel? Pictures? Help?

will the 4.0L bolt up to the 3.0L 5 speed manual transmission?

both vans are 5.7 litter i want to see will 2001 chevy express 2500 van fit an work on my 1998 chevy express 3500

i think it is by taking light off i dnt know

It look like a circle and it have three lines the light is below the engine light and i have flat tire.

There was something stuck in the track of the front adjustable seat.We removed it and now it's stuck in the all the way back position. There is an extra "Cord" that we can't find where it goes... does anyone know where I can get a book on this?