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Chevy Venture 03 110,000 Miles
Fluid and engine oil are both super clean,
But the Transmission Fluid is leaking into coolant.
Do I need to replace anything besides the Radiator?
i have replaced the trottle senser and cam senser
lever on side of seat doesnt feel like its hooked on to anything . is cable broken , how do i fix it
How much it cost and can I do it myself? can some one show me?
How many miles should I change the timing belt?

2001 toyota solara engine light is on and off? people tell me may be the EGR valve but I don't know where and how to clean or replace it? can some one tell me ?
1999 montero sport 3.0 v6 when i get in and put key in light, widows, radio, all is working and tried a jump still nothing no sound from starter like no issue then as i started after wife and kids just did not turn the starter CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP email is
if Moving lose gas power every few seconds, its normal if not driving.
it doesn't happen at any specific situation.
Just stop blowing cold air. Been working fine til now. Not making any noise etc. No cool air.
Car stalls and jumps very badly
then wwhen the thermostat opens it sucks the antifreeze back in and it's fine untill the engines cold ,then it does it again ! New thewrmostat, antifeeze ,fushed hearter core engine & rad ,! IS water pump bad,rad pluged? Pressure checked holds 16 lbs
the drivers side and i didn't find it.
In process of putting a new timing belt but engine is not turning on manually at this time?

Likely cause maight be the camshaft or the Rod
Getting spark, fuel pump relay clicking, can't hear fuel pump pressurizing when key is turned on. Theft lock light is on but radio works. Don't have keyless entry. Did changing battery cause security problem or is myfuel pump dead?