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when i change th motor and if so how do i get back in 2wd with the bad motor?
what is a throttle actuator
I was told I would need a new power steering cooler. Is this the same as the power steering pump? If it costs $1000 to get a new cooler, as the mechanic said, it certainly wouldn't be worth it. But, if I could get a rebuilt or used part and fix it for 300-500, it would be worth it.

check engine light, burns more gas and idles sometimes
After it resets it will climb to 16 miles and stop. It will not record anymore mileage. All guages and lights function fine in my cluster.
for the last 2 years, check engine light on 4 times, each time replacement of all 24 mercedes spark plugs, I only drive in city short distance only 3000 miles each time, what is wrong ? can there be another part problem ?please help Thanks
Problem occurs random. Sometimes when I turn the key it does not crank but just makes a clicking sound. Most times it will crank but shuts down immediately after the engine turns over. Already changed crank position sensor, but the problem is still there.
I was driving, and it shut off, it has also been idling funny when the ac is on
when you back up and turn wheel to left there is a scrubbing in front end somewhere.
someone said theirs a valve under the hood near fire wall
it`s running out of gas,but then it keeps on going,several friends have told me different things to check,but it would be nice to know what itis for sure instead of guessing. ty
my check engine light is on because of throttle sensor
is there an easy way of removing the rear heater matrix or is it an inside job from the boot I HAD TO PUT IN OPTIMA MODEL AS IT DOES NOT LIST SEDONA
on the freeway cruising 62mph, the car runs fine, however when I slow down the all hell breaks loose and the car overheats. In the the city, the car overheats after 30 minutes driving.
For no reason when driving the fuel gauge will just start moving from side to side for no reason. Why does it do this and how can it be fixed.