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do I try to reach it under the dash or from another entry point

how do you reprogram new switch to skim??

Should I stick with Honda parts, or is it o.k. to use OEM for this maintenance?

What's an average cost for honda parts vs. OEM?

How many labor hours should this maintenance take to complete?

just replaced ignition switch- no antitheft is flashing

My truck started to make a loud knocking sound and a squeal here recently. ive replaced the oil pump bc the pressure was all over the place. the timing belt and chain. cleaned the oil pan out bc of nasty build up in the engine bc the guy who sold to me didnt take care of it. pulled a lifter out and noticed it was rubbing. what can i do to fix this pls

They look like regular V belts,but I'mtold they are serpentine


I was able to pry it free from the spindle part and everything but I cannot move the upper control arm to actually pull out the ball joint. Lower control arm won't go down far enough. Suggestions?

Oil got super duper low because neighborhood garage didn't tighten the filter enough and I didn't check it out until I was under the car changing the crankshaft position sensor.(per the check engine light diagnostic code. The plastic was broken around the bolt holding the sensor in place.
Could the low oil have caused the camshaft to hit the sensor with enough force to break it?
Do I need a new engine? valve job? timing belt is cracked.
120k miles total on truck. I tested the Ignition Control module in a buddy's t-100 so I know that works perfect.
Do I trust a guy that fixes cars or take it to a real mechanic?

won't pass inspection unless the rack and pinion ar replaced?

i have a 1998 mercury sable ls mortor 24 valve v6 and when it gets hot the car shuts of and when you try to start it back up it sounds likje its string for gas

My cousin informed me an O-Ring has failed for power steering on my car. What is cost to repair?

code P0141. Need to know what sensor, location of sensors & how to make repairs to clear code. Thanks in advance !

A/C line leaking. Have to fill up every 2 weeks. What is cost to replace hose or pipe?

Vehicle has 176k miles. Car is due for timing belt replacement. What other parts you recommend changing when timing belt is changed out and cost I expect to pay?