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the car rear brakes have never been replaced--37K

Car started well and ran well. I parked it and the next day won't start. Changed coil pack, wires and MAF sensor. There is spark, however, the car won't start. It cranks well but can't start,too. Attempted to start it with quick start liquid but did not work.
Mechanic check and said it was fuel pump because he took out plug from N*1 cylinder and can't smell gas. It seems gas was not supplied to ignite car.
Is fuel pump the cause since no smell of gas on bottom of plug? Please help with suggestion on what to consider from now on to start car!!! Thanks

What all needs to be done to change out clutch. Can you do it without lifting engine and tranny out??

this clicking is present every time I start the engiene (cold, It disappears after been runnibg for a little bit. I had check iol levels, add some MOA, and even change fuel, it kinda helped, but still there. Any idea or advice?

Thanl you

i just bought this car few days ago, i was wondering where the oil dip stick is on mb 2005 e320???

I was sitting at a traffic light when I was bump from behind by another vehicle. Know my 1990 Mercedes 300 E will go in reverse, but will not go in drive. What is the problem?

Here is the fact and symptoms:
Car : VW Polo 2002 1.4L Manual (car not listed above)

1. Chirping noise when idle, Noise goes away when in clutch
2. Whinning noise when driving, Noise goes away when driving
3. On jack, left wheel spin up, knocking sound can be heard from gearbox.
4. Oil level - Not sure

People said, change the gearbox, throwout bearing fails, bad bad bearing inside tranny; but i`m not sure which,


Engine misses when the gear goes into overdrive. When the cruise control is on the problem is fixed, but as soon as it is taken out, it starts missing again. Taken it to three shops and they haven't fixed it.

when opening either door on my 1999 jaguar convertible the window goes down a little but then will not go back up. what controls this action? is there an easy fix for this problem?
i can't secure the car because the window is always part way down. it will happen on either side. if i am inside i can put it up. if i am leaving the car, a window is always part way down? (about two inches).

Drove through a puddle a couple of days ago while it was raining and the following day, when I went to turn my car on, it shakes excessively. Can still drive it but just doesn't feel right.

The clicking lasts a minute or more. It doesn't change with turning the AC off.

My idle was high about 1500 rpm s I cleaned the idle air control valve and adjusted it, the car then ran at 750 rpm s but after a couple of days it started stalling ,it is like electrical just stalling outright with no sputtering or anything,in a few minutes it will start up and run agian,seems to do it randomly,i had the dealer change the key switch on a warranty recall but this didnt help. Does anyone have an idea?

I have a printout of the drive cycle and have followed it to a "T". Still my fuel subsystem and cat subsystem will not get into ready mode. I had an evap problem with a 441 code and was the purge module staying stuck open. I replaced it, cleared the code and no code but cannot get thru emissions with 2 monitors not ready. I have a printout of the drive cycle and have everything ready except the fuel system and the cat converter. Someone else on your site here had the same problem if you search on "fuel system not ready" you can find them. Would like to know what happened with that person and why these systems are not ready. What part of the drive cycle pertains to these 2 systems of emissions? I thought that the fuel system is a continuous system meaning it is checking all the time. The continuous component monitor, the misfire monitor and the fuel system monitor are supposed to be continuous systems therefore why would it be on with no hard or soft codes be displayed??? Thank your for your time and need to get my car thru emissions so I can re-register it again. It is the only car I have and do not want to get a ticket for driving an unregistered car. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

I stated my car and the automatic gear shift wouldn't move. After manually moving the gear shift and moving the car I turned it off and now it won't start, everything works but the when I turn the ignition nothing happens. Help

me do i need a new fuel pump,we have put about all nes sensors on it.we really want to get this car straighten out