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this happens only when it's cold
3006 GMCcanyon.
While driving to work about a week ago my fuel gauge started to rise and drop and the car cut off, I originally thought I was out of gas so put gas in and after a couple times of turning over the car started back up. two days ago the car shut off while driving again and would not restart I changed the fuel pump and car still wont start and now i here a clicking noise that comes from under the car near the pump as well as under the hood near the fuse panel when car is not started and i dont even have key in ignition. why? some one help please?????
it has always been very dependable util last week
engine doesn`t turn over
I need camber adjustment due to age? Tires are wearing inside 2 in of tread. Should be able to shim back to spec.?

How much for parts and labor?
My cougar has 137,000 miles on it. Had the oil changed, mechanic found two pieces of metal and plastic in the oil pan.
What might have caused this and would it be worth making this repair?
trying to find how to add trans fluid
ive already checked the fuses and relays i changed the ignition switch the battery is good it wont get power to the gauges fuel pump or anything and power is leaving the ignition switch the car has been in the family its whole life im the second owner i want to keep it it all started one day when i went to start it i heard a loud pop and smoke came out from under the hood near the driver side wiper blade and it hasnt moved since (definitly smelt like electrical)
this just started this week as the weather changed.
when i go to 1st it will shift but cant get it to go anywhere
I had one replaced post cat 02 sensor. But Im told there are 4 sensors, 2 in front & 2 in back. Now someone tells me its my air induction valve..which can cause rough idle and poor gas milege. Im confused what the heck is it?
no spark and no gas coming on the engine
is it possibly the transmission solenoid or just an issue with the shifter like maybe the pin came out that holds the shifter in place? this is my only mode of transportation - please help!
had oil change and guy said had a coolant leak and it may be the water pump. Any ideas. many thanks