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how do you flush the radiator in a 1996 eddie bauer ford explorer 4.0 4x4 and my 4 low and 4 auto lights start flashing and i have no 4 wheel drive when this happens is it the switch?
Checked battery and cables all ok. Only thing electrical that works is cigarette lighter and security light flashes.
I'm thinking TPS (throttle positioning sensor) or crank shaft sensor. Only happens in cold weather while driving down the road. 4.7L 190,000 miles. never had a problem other than water pump and wheel bearing. Been well kept.
i think it needs a oil pump low oil prs. oil level good
I can see water trickling down from the bottom bolt in the trunk, There does not appear to be water in the tail light.
when it shuts the pump off it is like the air can't get the air out
20,000 miles
Both airbags were deployed, there's damage to bumper and frame is bent. How much will it cost to repair the car.
I believe the diagnostic reveals a P0501 code indicating the VSS is the result of my speedometer and mileage not working.
My car won't start due to the anti-theft system. I replaced the ignition switch and the two wires which i know can be problematic.
how can you check to see if the transfer case for my 4x4 needs fluid
My battery level shows a high charge. The truck starts without any problem.
my truck acts like it is holding back and not changing from 4 wheel to 2 wheel i was told to check the fluid to the transfer box where do i look for this at i have a gmc 4x4 serria series 2500 and when i put my truck in 2 wheel it does ok will it hurt it if i drive it in 2 wheel instead of all wheel drive??
F250 4X4 5 speed
F250 4X4 1995 Ford