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My truck has code 32 that keeps
Popping up on the check engine light. The code refers to the egr valve. I recently cleaned it and the light came back on. Does it need to be replaced and can a bad egr valve affect the timing of the transmission going from park to drive and park to reverse or any combo? It takes it a couple seconds to kick in and I know it's not a tranny problem it's been checked out

checked with a tester and all was good but tryed to hot wire them to see if they worked and still nothing need help on this one

The leather on my center console cover is worn from 10+ years of use. I bought a new leather cover from eBay and need assistance on how to install it.
Any help would be most apprerciated.

How much does a ignition switch cost? How much does it cost to replace a switch

How much does a ignition switch cost? How much does it cost to replace a switch

just had oil changed and I know I need to get a tune up - could it be spark plugs/fuel/fuel filter/sensors?

I checked all the setting on the dash and passenger control and all are set to cold.Could it be a vacuum line? How do I access it if it is and where is it located? Firewall,under dash behind glove box? Two vents on the drivers side cold,passengers two vents hot. Thanks in advance.

The coolant is being forced out of the expansion tank and then runs very low to the point of overheating the engine. The plugs and coils have been replaced. The compression of all cylinders checks OK. The idle is rough. Where should we go next? This all started after the throttle body was replaced.

total cost for parts and labor

86 jetta oil light and buzzer sound while under 2.5 rpm but oil is full pump and sensor are good. What else could it be?

Oil pump is good oil sensor is good and oil is full. What else could problem be?

Where can I find the cheapest deal? After July 31st I will not be able to drive my car..can't pass emission test.

Is this a common problem and if so, what can I do to fix it?

we keep getting so manny answers about this, PLEASE HELP..

i need a estimate for replacing motor mounts