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It starts to overheat and the climate controls tends to affect the temperture of the motor. Also am I to only use full strength antifreeze

I have chrecked all engine started problems. someone said it was a factory anti theft system locked how can i reset that?

Do I need heavy duty power tools?
I want to use the middle passenger section as a cargo area for camping equipment.

it will not start

System was recently charged, and its still blowing warm air out of the passenger side vents. The heater seems to work fine, the AC just seems to be stubborn.

I have replaced the EVAP sensor and solonoid, along with the charcoal filter by the gas tank, even the gas cap, and between 50-175 miles after resetting the light, it comes right back on. Gas cap is definitely being screwed on tight enough, and there doesn't appear to be any cracked, loose, or disconnected hoses or wires. Running out of things to replace. Help!

The buzzing noise sounds like a electrical motor actuating. It happens most frequently on harder turns, especially when having to make rapid turns. Driving characteristics don't seem effected, but once in a while the "ABS" and "Trac Off" light will come on, but will turn back off and stay off when the car is turned off then back on. It doesn't sound like a hub (and they were replaced last summer anyways.) If I had to guess where the sound was coming from, it sounds like its from the ABS actuator.

near the water pump and did not leak oil prior to this maintenance. Is the mechanic responsible for this, or just a coincident?

small leak on a hose, fans seem to not be going on even after temp rise above mid range, so they r not working. help. what damge was done to eng. seems to not run rite please help if you have the knowledge.

I am 70 year old so I want to know is this a fair price or am i being ripped off.
Thank you

hi! i have an Audi a6, 2005, 3.0 tdi quatro. Recently started to show the check engine to light, along with the ABS light on and a "P" sign, scratched off. The car stops driving right away in drive mode. It will start working again, only turned off, 3 times steps on break but lights on check engine, still on. Nobody can help me with this issue

how much freon is required in a 1993 honda civic dx

the locks also start going up and down, and the gauges also start going haywire, everytime after driving my car for about 15 minutes.

the digital gage does not show the temperture rising or changing more than a degree or two. once the car is in motion the dashboard gage drops back to normal.

service 4wd is this a sensor problem where do i start. If u turn the control knob nothing changes