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when apply the breaks abs pump come on
some one told me that sens my car is from 2005 and have 112000 miles that is time to change the timeing belt so the engine dont blowout.
Everytime wen put breaks the ABS pump comes on.
change the breaks like 6 months ago everytime that my daughter press the breaks makes a claking noise.
shop estimate to replace struts/shocks and alignment
It happens every week or two. It has been doing this for about 9 months, since I bought it. The check engine light does NOT come on. After 20 to 30 minutes it finally does. When this happens, it starts and idles really rough. If you touch the gas it immediately dies. If you don't touch the gas sometimes it straightens up and starts running. USUALLY it take several tries and about 30 minutes for it to start and properly so it will idle then run. It has never quit going down the highway once it starts. I would LOVE to know what part needs replaced.
after car running turn off and then go to restart and has problem starting
We try the panic button but not made a sound check the fuse is still not working.
Almost all of the lights on my dashboard come on and off intermitently (coolant, ABS, traction, bulb out, check engine). The check engine light doesn't turn off without being reset by dealer. Error reads catalytic converter problem. Once dealer resets it, the car reads 'not ready' for emissions test and the check engine light comes back on within 1 day. Car has 144,000 miles on it.
The emchanic said the code was module.
the brakes are loud every time i touch them
ran through car wash now part is hanging down,
i have a 2000 audi a6 quattro 2.7 code 1626 came up. mechanic said repair front left bearings. was told that the wheel bearings had some sort of sensor inside that communicates with the transmission. is this true? i haven't found any bearings which appear to have a sensor inside.
I have a 1992 Lincoln Towncar Signature and I was told I need a ERG valve replacement? Is this a big thing and how much does the whole completed process usually costs?

The work is to be done at at Auto Repair shop not a dealer.
where is the location of the