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Auto shop said all connections are good. cds work fine. Told it could modual that reduces interferance. sometimes stations come in good and sometimes they don't.
It almost feels like your getting bumped from behind when it shifts.Does it on every shift.
There was no cold air coming from the air conditioner.
Any time the car is not driven for more than 2-3 days the battery will die. This has been going on for years and I have replaced the battery a number of times. I have had 2 different local mechanics look at it, but they have not been able to resolve the issue. It is happening as shorter and shorter intervals as the car gets older. In 2007 it only happened if the car was not driven for 6-7 days, now it is down to 2-3 days.
Ive only had this car for a few months, but this has issue has been on going.
In terms of Performance, Efficiency and Price.
Also is there a best way to remove the fog on the headlights ?
I drive 10 miles to work and back. These lights come on simultaneously but sporadically. Some days they don't come on until I've driven nearly the whole 10 miles.

I bought the car in Utah in May of this year. I now live in Oregon. It has a brandished title. The dealer showed me pictures of the car after the accident. As far as I could tell it was mostly cosmetic damage... But who really knows. These lights just started coming on within the past month. All I really want to know is how much I have to worry about this and what are the variable problems that could occur both short and long term if I were to ignore this for a few months as I am terribly cash poor right now. Does anyone give free diagnosis here in Portland? Thank You.

Intermittently not constantly, car engine starts racing when I'm at a traffic light or drive-through. I have to stomp on the brake to stop it from hitting the car in front of me. It happens off and on, sometimes not at all for weeks, sometimes 2-3 times in the same short trip.
...and at other times will turn off completely allowing no air
New starter new plugs Oxogen sensors starter battery...
When I shift between front and rear direction sometimes it makes a loud clunk noise and does not go in the direction I shifted to. One time I put it in forward and it clunked & when I stepped on gas it went backward instead, almost hitting car behind me but was able to brake in time. Is this the transmission? How serious is this. It usually happens more often if I am on a hill or slight incline.
just got the car and the engine lite was off drove it for about 50 miles and it came on and stays on for a while goes off again and comes back on what should i do
It stalls approx. 2 times a week and sometimes 2 times in a row.
Comes on and off intermittantly. Our tire pressure is O.K. How do we get this to stop? Is it serious or dangerous to keep on driving while it is on?
Have changed throttle-position sensor and made a slight difference at first, but don't think the problem is that. Notice that if I kick it down into passing gear, it will clear up for a short while. Also it will back-fire occasionally, I have listened for "dieseling" or "pinging" but haven't noticed anything. Too, the problem is intermittant. I have noticed that it seems to run alright sometimes, until we have to brake, then it will start. Any Ideas what could be the problem?