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get car to ready up for inspection is there a different drive cycle to do than the norm have all but evap and components ready

The check engine light came on last night, and I noticed that the car sounds loud when I accelerate. The mileage is 65700. Have an appointment with the mechanic tomorrow, but I'd like to know what I'm in store for.

not always consistant when ideling

how do you fix a tie rod on my 2006 Pontiac G6?

100000 miles - going uphill transmission slips

the washer fluid is not dispensing any fluid onto the window

The rpm gauge is busted but the idle is high in park and neutral. It also surges (goes up and down) a little when at red lights. I have replaced the throttle position sensor and the idle air control valve(new parts). A mechanic also replaced the timing belt because there was 100,000 miles on the engine. I read that It is a common problem with this model car-the valves needing to be adjusted. I just wanted to know If valves could be causing it? I have not checked for vacuum leaks or proper grounding of the two replaced items(iac & throttle sens). I cleaned the throttle body/IAC with throttle body cleaner. Google searches keep pointing to things I have addressed. Any ideas? I'm also getting a 51 obd I code but my AC works fine.

The is a recent development, when it started, the engine runs smothly but suddently began to make touching noise, so l shut down immediately. The car still starts though, but the noise remains. Could this be a case of failed oil pump?

I was driving on a highway 65mph. Car was fine last night. I continued on to work because I needed to get off at the next exit. I am wondering if I should have the van towed to not cause damage? Car has 71,000 miles and has had regular oil changes.

Everytime I go on the highway I hear a humming noise in my 05 jag s-type. Any ideas? I've taken to a shop and they didn't know what it was.

drives great but the driver's side have a knock when running over bumps - is this a problem? anything I can do to eliminate the noise?

Why would my 95 VW Cabrio stall after refuling? The last two times I refueled (the car was near empty) the car started and ran 200 - 300 yards before it stalled. This has happened in the past before and if I let the car sit for several hours it started up and ran fine. This time as I tried to get it to run the check engine light came on and the exhaust had a strange / bad smell. I let the car sit over night and it started and ran fine and the check engine light went out. Any ideas why this might be happening?

The emissions control system has 3 monitors that are supposed to be continuously monitored. They are the component monitor, the misfire monitor and the fuel system monitor. The PCM is monitoring and evaluating the performance and accuracy of these sub-systems 100 percent of the time. Why would my fuel system monitor be NOT READY and therefore will not pass emissions testing. There are NO codes be displayed neither hard codes or soft codes. Car runs great with no MIL codes but this system is not ready. Can anyone PLEASE help me to get thru emissions. Thank you for your time.

My car overheats but then usually goes back to normal. Today my car overheated and went all the way into the red. It went down a little after turning the heat on but never made it back to normal and just kept going back and forth from overheat to about 3/4 on the gauge. Not really sure what the problem is. Any help would be great. Thanks

Servicing air conditioning was not help. Am told that it is "working like it is supposed to." Not acceptable. Needs to get fixed befor HOT weather.