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It does not happen all the the time eventully it moves to full. It just started happening only 37000 miles on the car.
dealer said my 2008 srx cadillac needs power steering flush, does it
This just started doing this about a week ago. It happened once. Then I tried again to start it and it worked. Drove it for a week and now it is doing it again
My check engine light is on and it just started doing this
When I drive everyday.
It just started doing this. If I play with it awhile , I can get it out of park
when I first start car.
I lost the remote and would like a duplicate of the car's key
The mechanic discover that my timing cover seal is leaking. I will like to know how long can I wait to replace it and how much will it cost me including pars and labor?
clicking noise on passenger side and hot air comming out on the passenger side.
what would the most reasonable cost be to replace a transmission and what kind of maintenance would be best to avoid this problem?
diagnostic codes...01-02-03-04-05-06
It has come on 2 times.
Changed spark plug wires. Engine runs fine. Engine light stays on. What is wrong?
after battery went out the gas gauge is not working