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i was told that when the timing belt you must also change the harmonic balancer
DO I have to take to the dealer to diagnose?
Wipers are only working on high speed (emergency over-ride). Cruise control functions quit at the same time. I can't find a fuse that is blown so I'm thinking it might be a relay but I can't pinpoint which one.
Cold mornings only. Tires are filled with nitrogen.
my gas needle fluctuates on a daily basis and the bouncing happens most everytime i stop with mt foot on the brakes.
After they come on, the automatic door locks also kick-in.

2. The check engine light comes on for 2-3 days then goes off. Will not come on for a few months. Original dealer cleared light with diagnostic tool.
Everything else is working fine.
Is there a drain from the Moon Roof or the Windshield/Hood Cowling that needs to be cleared? I replaced the door gasket but that didn't help.
1996 Explorer Sport - while using the heat my temp gauge will shoot up to about 3/4 and then will drop all the way back down.

Have tried different thermostats and replaced the sending units. Tested hoses for leaks and there are none.

Can anyone let me know what else to try? I'm afraid to use my heat because I don't know if my car will over heat or not.
It alsmost feels like it is in neutral and will only move 25 miles an hour. I have to stop and turn it off an don again to reset it. I have taken it in to a "reputable " local service center and they said it was ok. It does not sound great either. The engine light keeps going on and off. I could use some direction with this vehicle.
It runs and drives, but seems under powered and at idle runs up and down. I can only find related issues involving the AC472 Air Control Valve. I have ordered the part. Anyone have additional experiences and can help/advise me on how to fix it correctly.
it is periodic but sometimes the transmission will have a long shift from 1st to second and second to third then sometimes when pulling out from a stop it acts like its not in gear and doesn't want to go push on the gas and it will engage but is not a good sound when it does it and sometimes instead of a long shift it is a short rough clunking shift and sometimes it is perfect and never a check engine light ever when any of this happens.
Keeps good fuel pressure, about 45psi. No codes, according to my actron. Fuses and breakers seem okay.
When I try to start it when engine is cold, it won't turn over. It may after the 2nd , 3rd, 8th, 12th time. Any idea what is going on????
I put gas in the car and it does not register correctly. could this be a sensor problem?