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some one help

I want to replace it myself but not sure where to start

What is the issue with the ABS light and the main causes or defects?

The heating system blows out hot air on passenger side and rear of car but only cold air blows out on driver side of car

I am in need of an oil pan replacement; what is the range I can expect to pay? thanks.

While driving on freeway around 65-70 mph, engine quit running. Would start again after a couple of tries. Happened a couple more times before I got home. Has occurred a couple other times but after re-starting engine didn't happen again. Only happens if driving at speeds above 55mph for extended periods of time (longer than 30mins) and hasn't happened while driving around town.

when you down shift to make a turn the car skips and acts like it wants to shut off

We are planning on buying a new car within the month. We would like to get this repair done as inexpensively as possible, perhaps with a rebuilt alternator.

one mechanic said no need to replace
some said replace it may work
it runs great
please advise

My 2004 3500 Duramax loses power while pulling a 35 foot 5th wheel and speed drops to about 40 mph fuel consumtion goes up and engine runs real rough. I stopped and checked trailer brakes and then it ran OK. Also if I shut the engine off for a few minutes, it runs OK. It only deoes this once or twice a day. GMC said it was fuel filter and replaced it, didn't help. They checked computer and it showed no problems. No warning lights come on I'm afraid it is going to leave me stranded one of these days. What do I need to do?

I was already told it needed to be replaced......I just need details.

make the noise going over a bump

Please break down into Labor and parts. Thanks.

gauge comes down a little w/ key off. did check connections outside of tank

Check engine light comes on every 30-90 miles. I can go over 300 miles without check light if it's a constant drive. I've noticed short drives create pressure build up in the tank that can be released by opening gas cap.