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I took my car in for a check and they said that there was a leak in the air conditioning system. Not sure where [front or rear]. They added 2.4 lbs of freon. It worked before I left but two or three days later [when it was hot] it didn't. Isn't there some kind of sealant that is put through the a/c pipe to close the leak?

Where is the d-diff lock button. The dash light is on what does it mean?

Replaced bank one sensor two and spark plug 8, now truck running rough and hesitating

My ac works great always until the temp gets to 100 or more .I thought might be iceing up but there is still airflow through vents. After stopping for a time ac will work again for a while.I can not make this happen until I am fifty miles out in the desert.

after using car a month still same shakes when braking

It was working one day but not the next. No unusual noises or smells as a warning something was going bad. Have checked all the fuses. Any other suggestions before taking it to a Honda repair shop?

both quit I'm over 70 and need to replace them.

I think my head gasket is trashed. I had a flat tire 2 blocks from home, so I slowly (meaning < 5 mph) drove it back to the parking lot in my apartment complex. As I pulled into the lot, I noticed black smoke from pouring from the rear of the vehicle. I don't want to start the car because it may cause further damage. If, by chance it is a head gasket, can someone give me a rough estimate on how much it would cost to repair it? Or, would it even be worth it?
I revisited this site because the folks here provided me with no BS answers when I had to replace my clutch kit about 9 months ago. In realty, the advice I received saved me hundreds of $!!! I was able to find someone to replace the clutch for $550--PARTS AND LABOR. Granted, that's a lot of $ for someone as poor as I am, but considering the difficulty of the repair, by comparison, it was a fair price. Local shops wanted to charge me from $900 - 1,500 to replace it.

My car has 62000 miles on it.

Today the fan stopped work. All the fuses ckeck OK, Fan harness connector check OK.
What is the likely cause for the malfunction? The fan motor,or coolant senor.

I recently damamaged the radiator on my honda causing me to replace it. After it was put in the mechanic noticed to wasnt sucking in the water so the head must be warped. Fine, got the head shaved put back on without a pressure check done, so said adjusted the timing and gave it back to me. the idline was off,for instance stopping at a stop sign the motor would rev up and down and almost die until it finally did at a red light tnd would not resart- no sound whatsoever! Used jumper cables-nothing! All of a sudden it finally started but making all kind of horrible noise i killed it abruply.Now before giving it back he said he test drove it all the way up to 90 mph. He said he noticed the transmission or the rpms were winding up too high so he changed the trans fluid and changed the oil. He said nothing about putting his hands on the timing chain until i was broke down at a light in town. He thought he had adjusted it rite but it could of slipped! Now Im having to buy a new motor at a good deal i might say. All Im asking is was all this caused from me runnin it hot for about 2 to 3 miles which didnt crack the head or becuz the timing locked up the engine and broke the pistons and whatever else under there i dont know about?

can it be a vacume line

While I'm driving the car shakes and it has a flashing check engine light

when the engine is running the Speedometer tachometer and fuel gages do not work.

recently the batterie was crossed and blew a few fuse to the radio and i believe a relay switch. its a green block located in the engine compartment fuse box, has the numbers B5B4 dc12v. when its plugged in. a part in the left back side of the engine will get hot, which then starts to drain the batterie.