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will the 2004 2 wheel drive dodge rams trucks rear axle fit into a 94 2 wheel drive dodge magnumm pickup?

My clutch and compressor has burned out three times this year. Freon and other readings are normal.

when its on, it is cold,, but doesnt stay cold,, when it comes back on,,you can feel the engine like,, strain then its cold,, but not for long,,

i replaced driver side glass in my 97 mountaineer and all power quit to moon roof and windows and interior lights

want to recharge the air

Missing a bolt on the driving shaft carrier bearing causing it to punch through the floor of the car is defined as a defective? This is my problem right now, and no one is taking the blame. At the moment, I don't know what to do but to search for the same case on the web to look for answer. Please help! And Thank you

Anyone Knows Whats Wrong?

how can i change my car language from french to English
your answer will appreciated

the VIN is JN8DR09YX3W803906. I have checked the dashboard for such buttons but found none.

Where is the location of the pcv valve.

Everytime I get gas it won't start, cap is on tight. I have had it towed to a shop, just to have them drive it off the wrecker. Had the mechanic cometo station yesterday and by the time he got there it started fine for him. He can't find anything wrong. please help!

trans wont engage in drive, only 1st and 2nd gear

Have replaced 3 cats on this car at mileage interevals of 120K , 150K and at 172K. Muffler Shop told me Cats are failing because the front and rear oxygen sensors need to repaced. Did so on their recommendation and new cat replaced. Cat failed after 3K, now on 4th Cat converter. Muffler Shop told me that it is something wrong with the car and to take it to a Honda/ Acura shop. Please advise, car is running Great! Thanks, Jack

I have car for several months, ran a little hot(my opinion) not good gas mileage. Began to run rough. Stopped car. When started then began to overheat stopped car found loose connection that plugged into back of radiator on side by fill bag, black sensor type plugged back in refilled fluid. Using lots of fluid but not leaking out anywhere. Temp begins to increase when engine is turned on and low coolant light comes on, when refill coolant temp drop light and indicator go off and then everything happens again fluid is drained into radiator, lights and indicator come on, temp gauge rapidly rises, no fluid appears underneath car or anywhere under or around engine,.

air will not blow from vents until. the compressor shut off then the cold air becomes hot. Will changing the actuator fix it. Will a bad actuator cause it to bloww the fuse to my A/c compressor?