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malfunction indicator light (mil)status.commanded on fail.key on engine running bulb check

Cannot find the dip stickk or where to add transmission fluid...

Came to a red light and fully stopped. As depressed accelerator the RPM's rev up and vehicle bangs into gear. With 40k on the car has happened at least 3 times.
Dealer couldn't find any codes.

it seems to have become disconected from the shifter in the steering colum. the shifter moves freely and the shift lever on the transmition does not move.

The other day it came on again when I was slowing down in traffic and it stalled when I came to a stop. It did start up again but did this a total of 4 times during my drive. I had the battery checked and they said it was good. I also had the alternator tested and it showed that it was good as well. Is there anything else that could be causing this problem?

mostly up hill or towing a load. i use correct octane plug's....good oil pressure.

it finally starts. has gone dead a couple of times at red light

How bad is this... and what would be the cost to fix?

what is the repair for this? what causes this issue?

When i put the car in drive it won,t accelerate. it will in reverse,park,neutral,but not in forward gears.

Had battery replaced in car did not drive vehicle enough, went to inspection and car failed any suggestions

the belt is to loose and sqeals.

It seems to be "overheating" and "burning fluid" out of the radiator. The overflow is fine but I have to add to the radiator and I do not see a leak ANYWHERE. The pressure is fine, and the cap was just changed and the thermostate is one year old and the water pump is two years old. I even changed the fan clutch. I cannot find a drop leaking anywhere.

What could it possibly be?

brake sensor switch already changed, won't shift after this happens with loss of power