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My remote broke and I need a replacement, the part the key ring holds. I have a hard time locking my door because sometimes it doesn't even come on and now the part that goes on the key ring is broken. HELP!!!!!!
I have 06 Tacoma: 4 cylinder, 4x4, standard. The E-brake pull is below the dash. Despite pulling as far as possible, it will not grab. Where is the adjuster located, or, what is the process to solve the problem.

recently my son rear ended another vehicle. he swears he was wearing his seat belt. his air bag in his steering wheel did deploy but his seat belt is lock in place like it was never been worn. he claims that when he took it off it coiled back in place. is this possible.
purpose of valve clearance
car was running but rough tested coil and was bad replace replaced pole piece and module also ecm after testing with snap on scan tool mt 2500 and tested
when i start the truck it tics for a bit then it stops sounds like a lifter ? any ideas ?
Ok.. I just purchased a 06 Dodge Magnum SXT from my brother w/ only 87,000 miles on it. But the problem is that the car barely turns over, and when it does it only runs for a few seconds and then stalls. The check engine light as well as the lightning bolt between ) ( is flashing. The battery is also dying on it so I have to get a jump every time I have something done to the car. 1st took it to my a recommended mechanic and he told me that the "computer" PCM needed to be reset, or "flashed' so I got the car towed to the dealer to have the work done. The dealer supposedly flashed the PCM but the same problems still persist, so I had them do a diagnostic. Afterwards, they told me that I needed a new PCM, Tipm, & a Throttle Body Assembly. Parts along with labor totaled $2,200 dollars so I ended up just paying for the Dianostic/PCM flash and got the car towed back to my house. I then got my mechanic to look @ the car and he went to the Tipm and noticed that one of the connectors for the Front Control Module was damaged so he disconnected it and the car started right up, but it stalled within 2-3 seconds afterwards. He told me that I needed a new FCM but I'm not sure if he's right so I was looking for a 2nd opinion to prevent me from buying something that I don't actual don't need. I've also been told that it could be a problem with the security on my car and that it may need to be reset due to my battery dying. So, does anybody have any idea of what the problem could be with my car?
Is it main shift solenoid or a sensor issue or wiring????
Just drive. Not reverse
Have changed the starter and fly wheel. Think I have starter hooked up wrong. It has three wires. Also, when hook up batteries to try to start, batteries spark and Glow plug stays on all time. Think I might have starter connected wrong
Sport S E and code p-2100 is showing up
I see no puddles or driping under the pick-up or vehicle,
my tranny pops out of gear
Afterward the speedometer and tachometer would not work. Tried the trip odometer reset trick, never saw it go into self test. Do the engine and wheel speed sensors send signals to the ECM? I also had to manipulate the relay box to R2 the ECM. Is it possible I've screwed something up there? This thing is driving me nuts.
My car takes ti time to start also leaks oil when car heats up
I do not want to worry of another bulb to change.
car dies as drivin down highway have done so much work to it over 1000.00 .. have changed ignition coil,ignition module,cap rotor fuel filter fuel pump starter battery catalac converter .. just bought ignition switch still have to put that in .. An my ignition nkey an steering column heats up the key is hot to touch ... i need a obd 1 an no one has that
computer for my car