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i replaced the battery 3 times, replaced the alternator 3 times install a new battery cable (positive)replaced the starter, replaced the the alternator plug and check all the fuse in the fuse boxes under the dash and under the hood and still no charge.
I remove the two bolts and loosened the strap but can't figure how it comes off to change the filter.
why does my car emits grayish or blue smoke when I start it up in the mornings.
Once it warms up 15-20 minutes,it will remain cranked but jerks into gear. Sometimes at a red light I will need to have my foot on the brake and gas to keep it from cutting off. Please help.
It seems that window motor works, but the window only goes half way up. I looked at the window pannel to see if I could remove it, maybe the window is off the track. I could use some info please thanks.
1st the door lock relay's were bad, then car was sluggish, then lost power. It's in the shop for the 2nd time (9 day's) now. Today they are programming the DME. The car only had around a 100 miles on it when I bought it brand new (paid cash)....I'm concerned about re-occuring problems in the future....I'm not technical enough to keep up with the rush and brush off answers.....I'm afraid I bought a lemon....any help you can give me to understand what the DME does and has there been any other BMW's like mine with the same problem, I'd appreciate it.
Thanks....Grannie Gertz
when i let off the gas my heater starts blowing cold air no matter when where or how it always does it
My van does not throw a code when its checked.I have had the fuel pump checked and the pressure comes back fine.After it dies its sounds like the exhaust is clogged.Its weird because it will run fine for a couple of days then all the sudden it starts dieing again.I have had it at my mechanic and he is stumped as well.Help please!
Anytime I accelerate, whether I've just started the car, or I'm a stop light, my car starts jerking as if my tires don't want to spin. My check engine light is on but it's because my catalytic converter needs to be replaced. What could be causing the jerking?
I have had Ford replace both converters and 02 sensors new and its stores and 02 sensor code when this miss fire and sputtering starts.
Service technicians have checked repeatedly and find nothing wrong.
error codes NOT saving in history and check engine light may stay on for a day, or a few minutes. Get P2105, P025A, and P069E. Hard to diagnose because problem is intermittant and leaves no code, but lossing steering at 70mph on the highway is less than ideal...
My Hummer H3 has 35,000 miles, do you think is it due for a tune up?
I changed the air filter
The MPG is about 12 and I drive carefully( 1/2 city, 1/2 highway)
Thank you
I have to re-place my heater core and I want to know if theres a difference in the blend door actuator. And how do I know which one I need. I have a 200 ford taurus, 3.0 ltr, U series engine
back up lights not working already chckd fuses and relays and bulbs lights do come on with security system what do I do to fix them and where is back up light switch?