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Do I have to wait for the plugs to heat up before driving. I don't see a light or indicator to say it is ready to start.

i spilt juice in the gear box

i spilt juice in the gear box

we are trying remove the fuel pump.

i remplese the fuel press regulator and goes away for like 2 hrs

I am getting confured.

I am changing front bearings

Just checking if its the same size both years, 95 and 97

light work blinkers work tail lights work no head lights help please

i started to punch the dashboard and the guage moved and truck started but it kept doing it all day finally after the 10th time it started but i went 500 and truck died got it towed.Does anyone have a glue and how much it might be
Thanks guys
kevin from nj

rebuilding engine need to know what specs are

The mechanic thinks it's only one side that needs replacing.

what kind of transmission fluid should i use

My explorer drives ok but my engine light came on the other day and I noticed that when it is in park it will not rev above 3000 rpms any ideas.I drove it and it will go above 3000 going down the road.

just replaced fuel pump asmb. found trash and sand in tank .. cleaned tank and use fuel system cleaner