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it happens all the time.
Car feels ruff when turning, clunky when turning at speed, what are the symtoms of bad subrame bushings?
i have no heat , i replaced the heater core and the thermostat . I think if i put a new heater control valve in that it may solve my problem
i have replaced plugs,wires, and coil for 1,4 cyclinder having problem fixing will a 02 sensor cause this
check for fuses and switches and all working properly
Where does the grey wire go? All fuses are good. Fan does not work on any speed.
My Sebring Runs fine in warm weather, but when it gets cold, the transmission will not go into gear. When it finally gets going in 1st gear, it slips into neutral. This goes on for a few minutes, but it stays in 2nd gear(20-40mph). If I turn the car of for a few moments then start it again, all gears start to work. Is this a Shift solenoid issue, or does the fluid and filter need to be changed??
was runing good, went around conner 1mile or 2 from my house, it started running ruff.
left front master switch replaced
Whenever I'm coming to a stop my rpm goes up n down then shuts off what can it be.. plz help
If I put it back in reverse or drive and move a little, I can put it back in park and then it turns off.
happens always dont know
i already replaced fusible link by the battery and the alternaor and battery. is there a fuse or replaceable part in radio it is an after market radio.

could leaving damp building materials in the boot effects the lights
Even when I press the button, arrow stays on and car runs up to 4000 rpms. Is this good. How can I repair this problem?