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I already check the fuses they are all good
The change oil light is still on after the oil change. Wht won't it go off?
One morning I started my saturn up, and it ran rough. The second day it was idling really high. I drove it to a shop and it smoked really bad. And it lost it's power.
occasionally there is nothing when you turn the key. If I turn the fanbelt just a little, it will start. The crank position sensor was changed with original part about 6 months ago.
My van started to chug Friday night after a fairly lengthy trip. This morning, I pulled the codes to find out what the problem was. It gave me either a 4 or a 44. I'm unfamiliar with that code.
the front blows clod while the rear blows warm.
This has happened twice now. My 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9Litre V-8 starts doing what feels like the shake of death. I'll be driving down the highway just fine, then all of sudden it starts shaking like no other, this time the Check Engine light blinked a couple of times then went off. It usually happens when i am driving up a hill and there is alot of stress on the engine. (Low RPM but still hauling heavily) This last time was the worst so far. It feels as though it is in the front of the truck, but i cant find any joint that are loose or bearings or anything like that. My mechanic uncle was with me the first time and he doesn't even have any idea what it could be since nothing seems to be loose. I dont think this matters, but my engine is burning oil pretty good, about 4 quarts every 150-175 miles. I also have new ball joints and u-joints on the front axle and new front ABS sensors, new tires, tie rod joints, front end alignment, rear bearings, and a few other things with the suspension that i cant think of off hand. Any questions about what was done just ask and i can find out. Thankyou for your help.
Yesterday I drove my car till 10 pm, no problem.

I woke up this morning find my 2003 GMC Envoy rear body drop to tire level, what could be the course for that problem

This is the first time to happen
put tranny fluid in it then its not showing on dip stick after driving for a few minutes, cannot locate any leak
Car has 240k miles and has fouled a new catalytic converter, sometimes gives a blue smoke on start-up.
4runner would not start, 2 'mechanical' guys said it was starter (cause batt good) - so replaced starter & it still wont start - help
Just noticed noise in whel bearing and would like to wait due to economics before I hace repaired
Idling fine in park or neutral, once i put it in gear or come to a stop I have to keep giving it gas or it it will die. Now today it started dying like that while in neutral, I had to keep my foot on the gas to keep it runing, and a ton of smoke would come out my exaust every time i pressed the gas, also my temperature gauge showed it was getting hotter. HELP ME PLEASE!!??
I have tried jumper cables and have checked all fuses in the engine area to include the ones behind the steering wheel. Everything works except the car will not do anything when the key is turned.
we cant get the transmission out from the bottom. wondering if we need to pull the engine as well, And go through the top