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I have the bad, bad habit of hitting the curb while turning, not always but often. Now I was told that the sound I hear on the left side on passenger side may be attributed to a a warped rotor(?) what does that really mean?

When the battery is disconnected it will come out. I have replaced the altenater

So my 94 accord ex failed a smog this mornin I and i don't know what to do on the paper it just says that ignition timing b09 failed .. tanr the guy said it releases too much smoke the ASM results were G POL what is this?....

both signals and hazard lights work along with back lights are fine

i had a water pump installed, battery was disconnected for a day or two,car wont start

all fuses & bulb's check good

thinking about changing fuel filter?

Where do we look for this problem?

Has freon, condenser running, no cold air comes out in the cabin. Fan, heat, all work, is there a sensor that is not letting the cold come into the cabin?

i have a compass with the outside temperature gauge the right direction appears but the temp reads -40degrees.i have search for the sensor gauge but cannot find it.can this be repaired? where is this located?

I don't have to hold the button down to be able to move the gear shift. All I have to do is pull it down or push it up & it moves without effort on my part. My key is stuck in the ignition. The gas gauge light comes on when fuel is low but doesn't work otherwise. My speedometer shows about 10mph more than it should. My windshield is cracked & the radio won't work. I would like to get all of this repaired but have no idea what it would cost. Help?

The blower fan on the 2004 Honda Accord suddently stopped working - want to check the fuses first - where are they

Secondary tensioner torque also

Bought this Buick Century 1991 a few months ago, gave it a tune up and all but I need new tires. the label on the driver's door in ineligible, so..... Can I get some help deciphering this? Also my back windows are half way open and the fron won't go down. Motors do not work got them from yard, tested the master one and mechanic found they are good but are not getting any electric power, How to find a good, honest electrical person to solve my problem?

wash my engine off and the next day it was driving rough so stop by autozone and code came up was misfire #4 could someone help me