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I just changed the water pump, thermostat and temperature switch because I had a leak and was told it was the water pump. I have no leak now but my heat is still not working and neither is my temperature gauge. WHY??? Please help
radio and heater will not work after replacement of new battery.Low beam head lights will not work
I noticed it going one way and not on the way back or when I went out again. When I went to the same place a few hours later, heard it again. No flat tires noted, nothing hanging. Had the bearings fixed a few months ago. What could it be? Alignment was just done. I can't see anything wrong and the car seems to drive ok.
The check engine light has come on and off for about the last 10,000 miles; vehicle has 105,000 miles. Major tune-up has been done and car has been checked several times and codes reset only to have light appear again. Amount of fuel in tank does not seem to have any correlation to light. After last service am detecting a very strong gasoline odor but no evidence of leak. Service included a gasoline additive and last time I returned vehicle because of odor all gasoline was changed to clean out tank. Odor persists. Check engine light on again. Big puzzle.
i have a nissan murano 2004 6 cyl 3.5l
suffer from aproblem and ihope msaadta for repair car into respond well when pressed on the gaspedal...aclearer sense
car into the city is fairly good but excellent
the biggest problem when driving log distances in additionto thw speed they need to engine shutdown every 40 km around for a few minutes
please help me to originaly .... thanks
Is there any advice on how to rest the engine light on a mazda truck
where is the pcv valve location
replaced gas cap replaced cat. convertor. replace the vavle at cannister. had evap test can find smoke can it be another vavle or a sensor that is not reading on codes? cannister control vavle maybe. before replacing intakes had a misfire all the time losing alittle bit of radiaor fliud but not now.
When I was checking the radiator I found oil in the water. I checked and sure enough it appears as if the engine is venting oil into the radiator from someplace. Any ideas? A friend suggested it my be an oil cooler gone bad, there is no water in the engine The car doesn't smoke to I don't believe it is a head gasket, Any thoughts?
i replaced the egr valve with a new one and its good for about 100 miles then it come back on what do i do
My truck is running rough and need a tune-up before winter.
Transmission makes clunking noise when warms up in Park or neutral. Raised front wheels off ground & wheels tried to turn when in neutral,not in park. Goes into all gears fine. Makes noise occasionally in od & when it downshifts into 1st. No engine stall, No codes,Replaced TCC solenoid & filter & fluid. No parts or shavings in pan fluid not burnt up. Done ohms check on other solenoids, Check ok. Done pin to pin on wiring for broke wire. None found. Tested brake light switch, ok.Checked all fuses, ok. Checked motor & trans mounts,ok.I think it is a converter lock up problem. Been told numerous things. Out of options. NEED HELP. Thanks for your time.
it does not di it all the time but today it was more frequent.
I am looking to buy a 4x4 and guy selling the truck states this is all that's wrong with it. Want to see if it's worth it.
seal back into place at the back and it not meeting even with the roof in the back