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How can I fix this problem without spending a lot of money?
please advise
both sides done all at one time. vehicle has 82000 miles 4.7 liter auto
to disconnect battery wken not running for a while.
. Kills battery when off for an extended amout of time.
on ivestigation not from exhaust but of large amount of oil on engine,no warning light,still oil in engine ,just had major service,any ideas?
When I try it again in a min or two it will click and then start after continues to start with out any problems.
The gas pressure has been tested and is ok. The electrical side or circuitry is the one that is not working
is there a simple way to open the blend door
D4dash light blinks, rough going into reverse and rough take off, seems hard finding gears

As soon as I turned on my heat, it worked, but then I heard several gun like shot sounds. After my car was parked for several days, I saw what seemed to be antifreeze leaking from my car. I put in water, but the coolant gage goes up rather quickly, then overheats with smoke.
without mass airflow connected engine miss fire and stop running when is conected, new cap rotor wires spark plugs tried with another mass air flow sensor and do the same
I would like to know if anyone knows where I can find a guide or tutorial video on how to change rear brake pads and rotors on my E55?
what is the estimated cost of the valve job
Engine stumbles going uphill at times, hesitates at other times on flat road. Hesitates on acceleration from stop. engine light starts flashing and the front end starts shaking then it stops for a while and does it again real sluggish during this time.
If anyone know how to fix this problem, please email me at