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My speedometer does not work until I reach around 30 miles per hour. When I slow at stop signs or for traffic the engine will idle down real low and will sometimes die.

ticking noice when starting. only lasts for couple minutes then disappears

pick up coil has voltage but isnt engaged

pick up coil has voltage but isnt engaged

sparkplug need to be change

My wipers stopped moving but my wiper motor works.

Replaced throttle position sensor and hold light has been on ever since.

wont stay started

Only blowing out warm or hot air. Checked the R134a coolant and it seems to be full. Also checked the fuses under the dash and under the hood and they are all good. Not really sure what else to check?

the brake lights are on

like to know what is mean and how much it cost to fix it

i have a 03 vw beetle and when i turn the head lights on the the tail lights should come on, the tail light on the driver side dose but the one on the other side dose not, i tested it to see if it had power and it didn't, any idea why it wouldn't have power only on one side, also the brake lights work, and i put new bulbs, any help would be nice thanks

Drove the car a few places today, then went out to try to start it , no click or anything, and it wiill not jumpstart either.

this morning I let the top down and all the windows went down fine. When i got home and tried to let them up, all went up except the driver side front. No clicking noise. Nothing

i have a topkick deseal truck that i have the problem with