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when car is started engine races and then cuts down to about 700 rpm. when driving and then stopping at destination car races so much (over1000rpm) when putting car in reverse it kicks in hard. is there an idle sensor on this vehicle or is there something wrong with a choke.

The ck. engine light comes on after the surge.

My '97 Avalon XLS, 6 cyl.l. Auto. 145,000 miles, On occasion, it slightly "Percolates" as I call it, at rough idle, And while feathering the gas pedal between 20-30 mph and MAYBE again at 50 mph, sometimes but not always. It ALWAYS "Bogged" on a jack-Rabbit. Been doing this for years. otherwise, it runs fine. Taken it to the Ct. Toyota dealership several times about this. They've scoped it, road tested, checked wires and changed plugs over the years. They recognize the occurrence. They're mystified as to the cause. Do you have any clues I can give to them? I get 17-19 mpg around town, but I suspect the performance could be better.

a) Theres an annoying tick they say is "normal" but I dont believe anything should tick like this.. I see its common but what causes and what can be done?

b) The P0497 code came up they replaced the canister vent solenoid I believe annd my code came back up 1 day after being out of the shop! Not Impressed, and Im dealing through a Ford dealership have warranty with it and I would like these possibly solved before they start denting my pocket instead of theirs!

Is there a warning sign on dash board to let me know?

already broke part of the blue one and it still wont come off

The A. C. has quit working and I can smell the refrigerant inside the car.

headlight swich has gotten so hot it melted the swich and the plug.

Doesn't hold straight line

had 60,000 check up not long ago. Didn't have break fluid serviced or fuel service done.. will that make the "check engine" light come on?

The reverse on my Odyssey will work for a period of time and then won't. Then all of a sudden out of the blue it will work again. I took it to a transmission shop and they checked for error codes, but there was none. The shop suspected that it might be an electrical problem, possibly something with sensor. Any ideas?

g wheel sounds like a creaky old wooden door. I know that sounds wierd but that's what it sounds like. Any ideas what this could be?

i changed out the speed sensor hoping that maybe it was malfunctoning but that wasn't the case. do i need to take to a shop and have them hook it up to their computer.

the pcv has never been replaced and the speedometer reads 200000 miles

Drove it for the first time 8 hours straight with heavy load on hot day. Floor got so hot couldn't touch it and when I put it in park and neutral the engine revved.