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with a partial circle and an arrow pointing left appear on the dash. The car when I brake hard has fluttering (not from the rotors) and I was wondering what the potential problem could be? 2011 BMW 328i 17k
The main blower only forces out of the defrost. Where are the lines connected to direct the air flow?
what is the cost for belt with wire for unlocked belt alarm
When heater control unit is set to Hi, lots of heat, lower it by 1 degree, cool air starts to come from vents or floor. Keep lowering the temp, no difference. I have not scanned it yet for codes. It has an automatic HVAC with duel controls, the temp it the same on both sides.
Any suggestions?
Thank you
my car heats up but only blows cold air
how do i find the blend door
my service engine soon light is on, also trac light. It just came on yesterday what should I do.
First the blower would only work on low speed and would not shut off even after I turned the truck off I had to restart the truck and turn it off for it to stop, twice it started working fine then quit. Then I got in the truck one day and the ac will not work at all no clicking noises from the compressor at all..nothing. It worked just fine prior, we had a cool snap and I had to use the heater but once it was time for the ac ac. When I purchased the truck(used)neither of the dual climate control knobs worked. It was to get cold air it could be on 60 - 89 and to get hot air they had to be on 90. The front part of the compressor turns when turned by hand it isn't locked up I do not know if that matters. I had my mechanic look at the blower when it first started acting up and the plug to the blower is fine. Is the compressor bad or can it be the fuse for the ac or may it be the control panel in the dash?
i have a 1990 ford f150 with straight 6 cylinder motor
while driving down the road engine shudders and hesitates on occasion usually after it is warmed up, if you floor it, it seems to straighten out.
on bolt in crank are the threads right or left handed?
My vehicle has fuel, will crank but not start. I hear the fuel pump kick in when I turn the key. Had the battery checked and ruled out. Is it the fuel filter or fuel pump?
on a 98 eclipse rear brakes disk type there is 2 different pins does it make a diff. where they go for holding the calipers on
the caliper on which one goes where