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the vents were working and then just stoped working.
But then it worked a several days and then something made it go out again. I cannot figure out what is wrong with it.
Where is the horn located? I don't have anything that has any diagrams, and I bought a new horn.
gears grinding in 2wd from takeoff as if 4wd not disengaged fully.

must let up on gas so it will shift to 2nd a little smoother
blowes cold air
drivers side started about a month ago and now the passengers side started after a heavy rain. The passengers side leaked about a liter last night.
2.2 l 4cyl - 4 door. heater motor runs part time. I want to replace or clean it, but i need to know for sure where it is before i tear the whole dash out.
Runs great for a week or more; then bouts of stalling less than a mile from house. Fuel pump is ok. What part of ECM system would be so temperamental and have enough power to blow fuses. If I let it sit; odds are I can drive it 100 miles or more before it starts blowing fuses again.
it above the oil pan it looks like its by the belts any advice
overheated sat it for 2 hours and was able to drive it home, it starts, it runs but if i drive it more than a mile it starts to smell and steam comes out from underhood ive known i have had an oil leak for sometime but have not had the money to fix it i know its not a head gasket because car purrs there is a rainbow color leak rt under drivers side near tire well any advice?
While driving my car the engine stopped; Instrument panel lit up; Headlight shut off. I was able to coast to the shoulder while still in drive. Once in park, I waited 15 minutes before trying to start the car. the starter clicked, that's all. The battery was fine, I used my hazards for about 50 minutes waiting for the Tow truck.
no spark timing belt ok need detailed test proceedure for whole ingnition
I bought the care used at about 50k miles and it just turned 100k miles. I have never replaced the Timing Belt. Is it due for one. It seems to be running fine.
how does the fan clutch come off is the nut right or left handed