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The Quadrasteer for my Sierra Denali does not work, would like to know of a place in the Houston area that has worked on this feature so I can get an estimate of what could be wrong.

If the Left axle was repair two years ago, why will it start back leaking now. How much would it cost to repair again without warranty attached.

engine compartment has so much grease and dirt that is impossible to see components well

I was driving hit my brakes and it seemed as if had better brakes and then proceeded about a mile and got to 45 mph and a violent shaking then the vehicle statrted overheating with a rubber type smell

Took battery out of car and found out it was good and it was just a loose connection. But I think it caused me to loose all access to my rear doors

Sometimes it will shift on its own but most of the time it doesn't want to. I can get it to shift most times when I let off the throttle, put the gear shift in neutral, then back in to drive, and press on the throttle again. The fluid level is OK, it hasn't thrown any codes, and the transmission doesn't slip any. Do you have any ideas on what could be causing it?

I am having the timming belt changed and they recommend to change the water pump at the same time. How many hours would it take to replace the water pump so I know what the fair price for the water pump and its' labor should cost.


Following recent repair mechanic placed air pump/cooling fan relay on top of the battery--where it now sits??? I find this odd.
The relay is now making a high-pitched whining sound nearly all the time.
Does this mean I need to replace it? Where should it go?

Recently put new set of tires on. Now I'm hearing a roaring sound coming from the rear, sounds like I have mudgrip tires. At first I thought the tires were the problem, but had them checked and discovered the noise was coming somewhere in the rear and not the tires.

ssing under the hood !!!


Went to shift into 3rd and it wouldn't made a grinding sound and feeling in the clutch pedal and the shifter. Made it home 4 blocks and it was a little smelly and when it cooled I could put it into gear again once it was hot couldn't put it into gear... So I replaced my slave and master cylinders and it seemed to run fine then so I proceiddmtimtake my buddy home that helped me fix it and then after it ran for 15 minutes and driving 12 blocks the same thing happened again! Wtf? So now it's stuck some one help me please! :)

I have no low speed,mid speeds only high speed on the blower.
The resistor I removed and it had rusty connections on the electrical exterior,but the resistors weren't burned.
The cut out relay is located just above the resistor but I am a layman,not a mechanic.How can this be resolved without buying both pieces,can these 2 items be tested somehow?Or is there something else that might make the blower not work except on high only?

My 1998 aurora overheated a couple of days ago. The oil is not milky on the dip stick. Took the car around the block twice after letting it warm up...temp gauge at beginning was at 200 degrees when I took off. After two laps around the block the temp gauge rose close to 220. Pulled into my lot and placed cardboard under engine area. Open hood and noticed at that time that antifreeze was steaming from the threads of the cap that covers the resevoir to the antifreeze. Did taste the oil on the cardboard and there was not bitterness to it.

I am no machanic but would appreciate some sound advice as to what it going on and/or suggestions as to what may be causing this.

Thank you,

the air conditioning does not get cold, just slightly cool, what can I do to fix this problem