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How much will this part cost to install?

having trouble getting the car to start and trying to find the starter

He already tried to repair what he thought was a vacuum leak in the Y hose.

my steering fliud was leaking under car and steering keeps locking up mechanic said 645 to repair is that a fair price?

i had valve seal problem and map sensor needed the old cat was red hot with flames when i removed cat insides were broken apart replaced cat replaced oil seals,map sensor,engine runs well idles well doesn't take the gas well i think there may be blockage but not sure what else could cause the cat to get red hot am getting po102 mass air flow sensor circuit-low frequency detected. thank you LC

did bleed brakes driver side rear has pressure passenger side minimul

When I drive my car and then come to a complete stop to park. When I move gear shifter from "D" Drive to "P" Park, it stops at "N" Neutral and can not move past to Park. I wait a few seconds and try multiple times and it will eventually go to Park. Please let me know what you think is causing this problem. Thank you.

After driving car short distance, parked in driveway and noticed two small puddles of oil..mechanic says it is leaking under engine...not valve cover, not oil filter..what are possible causes...oil was not low when checked

The window worked fine then, until I went over a big curb. Immediately the window sounded very gravelly and stopped working correctly. I have been told I now need to replace the 'window motor regulator'. How do these repairs relate to each other and what then would be the difference between these repairs and a 'door window motor replacement'? I've been told the repair is for "the cables"...I need some enlightenment.
Thanks! I have a great mechanic, but these bills are adding up and I'd like to know if this repair will fix it completely.

not accerating properly

Car will accerate,

The car shifts hard sometime sometime smooth. I also here like a bang or clunk and it jerks the vehicle I got a code po734 saying it was the solenoid shift

I prefer an honest mechanic and one who can replace with a Universal converter

replaced one motor mount was really worn have two more to replace still have issue replacing the one mount i thought could be the timing chain finding small amount of leak from coolent...which could be the water pump any idea's

problem occurs after about 10 minutes of operation. Have replaced a/c relay but problem still exists.