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My experience tells me its more than just tire pressure. There appears to be major suspension issues with the E350 07 and 08 that MBZ won't admit to. I had uneven wear on the inside edges of the front tires, flat spots every 2 inches or so around the entire tire. (The middle and outside edge of tire had at least another 25K left, not close to nearing the wear bars). Road noise was unbearable. Our car was/is a CPO with less than 36k when this happened. Get this; the dealer claimed it was a "ride height" issue and installed "spacers". They literally altered the suspension of $55K car by putting in these BS half inch plastic spacer on the struts, just like you'd alter a rice burner Honda or Toyota that these kids race around in... ok, fine. So we went with it. Intalled 2 new front tires at nearly $500. Now at 47K same issue; the tires have started to feather and is starting to make road noise. BTW: I have a commercial grade tire pressure gauge and checked the pressure at least once a month. I inquired about a recall. But the dealer advised, "its not a significant problem"... I disagree! Anyone else out there with similar issues? Love to hear from you.

(no eng. light on). idle fail= hc 572,standard 220,co 0.46,co2 13.9, o2 0.6 everything else passed.
Two years ago it failed for the same thing but HC was 265 then. My mech.charged me for something they didn't do after the initial inspection and gave me a reading of HC 390ppm on re-inspection.
I took it back to him & he took the air filter out and disconnected something under the hood and it passed with no problem.Then he reversed whatever he did after inspection.

I'd like to know what he did as well as what I can do to fix this problem.

I have to 1st try to start car normally and it will not start. I then have to pump the accelarator 2 times and it will start. The first week it would run fine after it started, but now it will run rough, the clear out and then run rough again. It also seems to not have much power until you floor it.

I have tried moving the wires. Do you have the ignition firing schematic?

manual transmission must be re-built

Where can I buy a Mechanics Repair Manual for my 94 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera? Everywhere I've looked they only have the one for the Cutlass Supreme.

How do I change the lower intake manifold gasket? I was told it is leaking. That's what's causing it to overheat.

Have replaced tires and shocks and had my local service guy check ball joints etc, but he says all is good. I know something is wrong, I have had car from new. Any ideas would really help.
Thanks, Mark

The timing belt broke and truck stopped running.

I'm losing fluid from the area of the heater core, not sure if its the core, a hose, or a connection. I've lost my job and spent the last of my savings paying for the kids college can I repair the problem for cheap? Specifically, if its the heater core can I temporarily take it "off line" and plumb the input and output together to bypass the core? I know that kills the heat, but will AC still work? Either way can I do this instead of replacing the core if that turns out to be the problem...I'm VERY desperate for a cheap fix.

Fluid poured out from the passenger side without
warning there was no leak or loss of fluid prior to the spontaneous rise in heat and fluid loss. When the car cools down it will start up but not hold fluid

Driving down road just stalled all lights were on.Tried to start and just turns over. changed coil and wires that work on my old motor.

I took my truck to local auto parts store & had it checked using their diagnostic tester & was told it was a oxygen sensor showing runnning to lean. he suggested using a can of seafoam in the fuel tank to fix the problem. The truck runs good on the freeway or just normal driving in town but at Idle it acts as if it wants to stall what could be causing the problem.

Radio is showing audio and navegation off

just replaced head gasket now cant get right timing set