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abs light not on..
The oil pressure gauge goes to its normal setting, but the warning light continues to stay on. I just had the whole top half of my engine fixed, oil used to leak and no longer does. The light still comes on.
or should i take to a shop and pay to much
how much does a 2002 c70 right axle cost?
My truck is a diesel and has about 100,000 miles on it. The starting issue was very intermittent at first, but now the truck will not even start. Seems like a fuel issue to me. When it does try to start it is only after I feather the fuel pedal or prime the fuel filter. There is fuel in the tank and though it has been below freezing the last week I can be almost certain the fuel is not frozen or waxed. I use an additive that eliminates water and protects the fuel otherwise. I have not tried to bleed the air out, if there is any. I am looking for a place to start diagnosing?? I am not sure how to check lift pump or injector pump, so any help with fuel delivery issues would be greatly appreciated!
Added gas and rolled to level ground. Tapped starter tried jump.
What is the Oil Change recommendation for 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe?
my CR-V is 2007 model with 50000 km, recently became consuming more fuel in past 12 liters/100km it became 16 liters/100km,I changed according to maintenance manufacturer schedule the air filter,fuel filter,oil filter and valve adjustment, no touchable improvements,no ODB codes on dash board or any alarms,car checked by scanner also no problem,I confused what I can do to solve this problem.any suggestions it will great. thanx.
to the floor to start
4 or 5kilos?
Diagnostic code reads multipe miss fires, I have to jump start truck every time, still misses and engine shakes bad.
what is the best way to replace the oil pan gasket
Bought new battery in July
After being driven it rises to normal height until the next morning and it drops down again.
she just bought the this was the first time she tried to use it