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put key in ignition lights come on but cai believe it is the ignition switch how can i be sure


My 2010 Surburban cruise control was working fine until today. For some reason, it just ceased to work without any warning. Is there a fuse I can check and replace, or a reset procedure I can use to get this back up and running?

but need more info on the rear wiper motor to insure wired correctly and receiving power. Possibly need wiring schematic for rear wiper motor....rear wiper worked but now just sits partially on glass wether turned on or not.

this does not happen consistently. is there a sensor issue and how do I find it?

45,000 miles on vehicle - well maintained - no off road miles


I know the check engine light has to do with the emission and/or catalyst converter. How much would that cost to repair?

I have replaced the 15amp fuses in the fuse box and moved the relays around. I believe it is a loos connection but having the horns below the headlights on the front fascia means I have to remove the front bumper to even get at them. Also hear audible clicks from he fuse box when horn should sound.

my navigation systems miss reads the current location of where my car is. Example if i am in nj it will read staten island.

I just noticed that my AC isnt blowing cold anymore, and I hear an audible hiss coming through the vents and a slight burning smell that wasnt there before. Hiss and smell only occur when AC is on, no noise or smell otherwise. Also how much would the repair cost. Thank you.

The window will not go down and when I try the one on driver side for the rear passenger,it still will not go down. Need to know what is wrong. Just started doing it and have tried several times to get it to work,but no luck

Air flow comes out defrost and floor vents. The system will not change to center vents at all. The blower when turned on will blow at low flow with the AC on and when you hit the auto button, the air does not change to high blower and if you click the fan speed button to raise that speed, the ac auto light goes out and the blower goes up. When it is on high blower, it stopped blowing AC, so you have to click the AUTO button now to get AC flowing in high now.
The passenger side controls sometimes light up.
Upon inspection of a couple acuators, i found what appeared to be a oily residue on one of the actuator and i didnt see this on the others. I have only found 4 actuators around the center of the dash area. Is there other actuators in the system?

cant find any easy access to get to the heater!

Hey there my 626 2.5 LX won't stay running. It starts and then it stumbles and quits.It is giving me these codes:

Codes P1132,Oxy sensor (Bank 1 sensor 1)Switch indicates rich
P0172, Bank 1 Sys too rich
P0174, Bank#2 Sys too lean

It won't stay running long enough too get out of the car and check under the hood. Can you tell me where this sensor is located on the motor and what too do?