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When I turn on the radio, I can see which brodband i am on but there no sound. And the screen by the steeringwheel says AUDIO.
i need a estimate on a rebuilt tranny.
RPM surge randomly while car is driving. I just replaced the TPS and the MAF sensor, and now the engine wants to rev every time I push in the clutch. It also revs occasionally in idle.
My 2009 Honda Pilot is making a "sloshing/gulping" type noise when i make turns or take corners. It sounds as if a half-filled water bottle is being turned upside down. The sound seems to come from the interior center console area between drivers and passengers seat. Sound only happens when making turns and occasionally when going over bumps. There are no leaks anywhere inside the vehicle,. no wetness or dampness anywhere. No leaks seen under car. Mechanic thought possibly clogged A/C drain but those were clear. Doesn't appear to be sunroof drain issue as there is no leakage or wet spots in interior roof. Says it is definetly not gas moving in the tank. Any ideas what this can be from? Thank you!
the oil leaks
Can't remove washer tubing because of hood brace, no room for fingers. Rodents chewed (we live in mountains) tubing and I need to replace left side.
My 2005 Chevy express 3500, I changed the heater core because it was leaking, now I have no heat. Did I do something wrong?
What do i need to remove in front of the alternator to get it out?
Where is this one located of you are facing the engine. Is it the same sensor that may have failed. The car had felt a little shaking while idling prior to light coming on.
car starts every morning, when its been run a while and turned off it wont start again. It makes no noise or even tries to start. I wait a couple hours and it startes again.
cranks over but will not start. last few times i drove it, it took a little longer to start than usual.
4.0l eng also can you email me a picture of the sensor location
My chrysler aspen 2007 idles high when I start it up now matter when it is then when it idles down it seems like its idling low to normal almost like its going to cut off. I got it diagnosted but they say it might be a wire or sensor they don't really know but I can get an overall inspection for 180.00 dollars. Can anyone help?
Light used to function okay, now it doesn't.

This is in 20004 Altima with moonroof. Type 2 switch
son but wrong fluid in master cylinder 2002 pontic how do you fix it it was power string fliud or is it worth fixing it has gone though system for sure