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total labor cost estimate is $1026 and parts is $109. thanks

My van's ACC sockets(front and back)are not working. I then changed out fuse #9-then the radio does not work. The front ACC socket has been lose for years but has always worked. I had friends in my van and their kid had a power converter plugged into rear ACC. Could this be from that or the lose ACC socket in the front. I have blown 5 #9 fuses. Any suggestions.

trans pan gasket cost is $39.

also remove and replace oil pan gasket/filter labor cost is $149?

Mechanic advised to trade/sell the car because of aluminum and possible cost of repairs. Thoughts?

I just need to know where the crankshaft positioning sensor is located on a 2000 Volkswagon Cabrio?

Car leaks gas only when I put gas in the tank; doesn't matter how much gas. I looked under the car and I think it is the filler line but I'm not sure.

How do I get it to turn back on again. It was working recently! It was broke down for a few weeks, and after the repair was done, it no longer worked? The antenna goes up when I turn it on.

The drivers side door will not open from the outside only! How much should I expect to pay for this repair?

I am a backyard mechanic and have changed the pads/rotors on many Corolla/Prizm/Vibe cars. I have never done back brakes, however. Our Sienna disc back brakes are grinding and I was wondering if there is anything different about the back brakes. I owned a Fiero and there was a special tool needed to change them mainly because of the E-brake.

Any tips?

i put my window down on the right side and it wont come back up but the swich clicks

I have had trouble with the speedometer for awhile. Although, for the last few weeks, it seems to have been working fine. Now, it's acting even more weird, at the same time showing reduced engine pressure. This started a couple of days ago when my truck wouldn't start due to a low battery, which could be causing the computer to go haywire. I'm thinking the battery is the cause.

"Check charging system" light keeps flashing and beeping. The altinator and batery have both been replaced within the last few days. What else would cause this vehicle to shut down

Catalyst ssytem efficiency below threshold.

Can you tell me what this error code relates to and what I should look at for repair?