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I have a 2004 Avalanche, it will automatically go into 4 wheel drive. I have had problems with it previously when putting it into 4-wheel drive and couldn't get out of 4 wheel drive. Finally, after getting it out, I took it to the shop and tey recalibrated the transfer case. Now it will go into 4 wheell drive automatically and the red light came on for the 4 wheel drive. What do you think the problem is? Thanks for your help.

was working great then all of a sudden stopped blowing normal and only blew slightly , cold, but like a whisper

bg 3pt cool kit,coolant, radiator cap, Told it was leaking.Don't see any liquit on driveway, checked oil and it looks good. I don't mind paying for what needs to be done just don't like to get jacked around.

Oil Change

i am trying to do an engine rebuild because the timing belt went and all the valves hit the pistons. head has been rebuilt already and pistons are out.timing info would be a blessing also.

also car has a vibration when idling. could this have somrthing to do with the oil on the spark plug?

It's the radiator, firewall side mounts and by the belts and transmission mount...

The car has a hard start when not warm engine.

42,000 miles with no prior ac issues other than blower motor failure at 40,000 miles. On recent trip, the airflow diminished to barely detectable after 2.5 hours of a road trip with both thermostats on auto at 77 and an outside temp in the upper 80's. The fan speed would audibly increase with higher settings without increase in flow. Returned to normal after parking an hour. Functioning normally since on local trips.

also got a P300, 301, and 303 misfire codes, assuming the gas treatment and fresh gas I'm going to try doesn't clear this, what next?? I drive it infrequently, but make sure gas is treated with Stabil if its going to be in the little beast over 30 days.

Their is no hydraulic lifter noise and there is plenty of oil in the crankcase.

Startinig out in Drive it shifts like a kick in the rear end and it does that until you are moving along around 40-50 then all is smooth as silk. Everytime you start out, it shifts hard or jerks you forward. some times when you start it up and put it in reverse, it really hits you hard with a much stonger kick...

When i drive over slight bumps in the road I feel a rattling type feeling in the wteering wheel not sure if this has to do with the fact that i have loose steering or not. Besides the loose steering I am having no other problems in the steering.

my xterra just quit and wont fire , changed car and rotor it started but died again and wont start also timing belt was just changed about 2500 miles ago any ideas.

Higher voltage fuses also blow after working 1st time I shift into reverse. Bulbs new, put anti-oxidation grease on connections for bulb holder adaptor & light bulb lead pins. No luck...