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1998 chevy monte carlo LS has swollen passenger airbag - not sure if swollen by the sun or is ready to burst open. I need to have it check out by specialist.

lights flash with key on off and out of car (parked for the night)... some times when driving shut off, but start right up and can drive again... had it to my shop 4 times and cant find the problem.. shop cant scan the car.. I'm disable and need my car to be depenable.. can some one please help me.

need to be loosened or removed?

Just had the cooling fan system replaced in 2000 Lincoln LS. Car running fine except two nights later after picking it up there was a puddle under the car closer to the windshield. Hard to determine if it originated closer to the driver or passengar side. Check the reservior and it was fine. HAve not had the problem since. It has been 4 days. Any ideas?

When I brought my Highlander Hybrid in for maintenance, Toyota service recommended replacing the timing belt and water pump (together) for $739. The rationale for doing both together was that they are next to each other, so it's more cost effective to replace them both before anything goes wrong (to save on labor costs). I understand the need to replace the timing belt, but is the water pump replacement really necessary? It seems very expensive.

does anyone know where the ambient air temperature is located on a 02 xterra

Suspiciouse of a negligent oil change service, since no warning indicators were displayed prior to service. Service performed due to time between services. Technition diagnoses was to replace coil 6. Coil 6 replaced and as I drove off, the car began with the same physical problems as before ans before I could make it back after turning back for the dealership the service engine light deplaned. Following day received call that another part of the same coil needed to be replaced. They kept car to make sure it was resolved. What's wrong with my car and why can't they competently explain the issue. Is it likely they made an error during the oil chang that is affecting my engine in general or coil pack specifically? If they rep
Ace one coil is it recommended to replace the coil pack?


For about a year now any time I use the air conditioner or the fan when I make a left or right turn there is a loud clunking noise on the drivers side. If I do not use either there is no sound. It only happens when I use it.
Today I took the truck to get looked at and there is an issue with the sterring pump(a service message was posted by cadillac) and that it will need to be replaced. A lot of people are having the same issue.Does this tie in with the sound or is it something else?

that's all I know.

The impact occurred on the driver's side front fender. Most of the impact was absorbed by the wheel, which resulted in the following parts being replaced. 1. engine cradle 2. left front wheel 3. left front strut 4. left lower control arm 5. car was aligned 6. the drivers window had a broken track but their wasn't any visible damage to the door 7. the body damage was contained to the front bumper, cowl and fender but remember the brunt of the impact was on the wheel.
My A/C was blowing ice cold air before all this happened, a mechanic reported no visible leak other than a low side, hose seal by the evaporator. I was told this was an O-ring (is it?) I was told this was located on the passenger side of the car (opposite the point of impact) I was told the insurance would not pay for this maintenance. There is also an antenna that quit working after the crash which the insurance company would not pay for. The mechanic said it was a worn or broken worm gear. When it comes to taking my money the insurance company has no problem, it's the paying out part they have a problem with. Sweet Roll has 63000 miles on her.
Before the accident the air conditioning was working fine and so was the antenna .
Please comment.

i already changed the egr valve and gasket but im still getting a code for egr flow restriction...

how to replace 2003 HYUNDAI SANTA FE A/C Refrigerant Discharge Hose?

Do I need to do something in special or can I just take out the hose and put a new one??? or do i need to vacuum the system first????

I had the waterpump and timing belt done in 2008 at 108,000miles and just recently had to get it done at 135,000 is this normal?

Battery had to be recharged and negative was disconnected.
Not sure if the battery went down due to the mis-function of the window or a bad connection at or near the battery.
Window does not release from compression of weather strip when door is open. Door will not close correct due to defect.

The mirror itself is not broke, came too close to tree and knocked the mirror off. Currently held on with duct tape.